D&C 132: Authentic Revelation or Later Forgery?

This podcast explores the evidence that D&C 132 was indeed an authentic Nauvoo revelation received by Joseph Smith on July 12, 1843, and read to the Nauvoo High Council a month later on August 12, 1843.

*Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith in June 1844 publicly confirmed that Joseph had a revelation regarding ancient polygamy and eternal marriage in the summer of 1843 and read it to the High Council.

*In May 1844 William Law and Jane Law both signed affidavits describing parts of D&C 132 as read to them by Hyrum Smith. Austin Cowles signed an affidavit describing the revelation saying that Hyrum Smith read it to the High Council the previous year.

*Five different members of the Nauvoo High Council gave testimony at later times that a revelation regarding practicing plural marriage was read to the Nauvoo High Council by Hyrum Smith: James Allred, Aaron Johnson, and Thomas Grover as followers of Brigham Young in Utah confirmed that D&C 132 was the same revelation read by Hyrum, as well as William Marks and Leonard Soby who were members of the Nauvoo High Council who didn’t follow Brigham Young, yet confirmed Hyrum Smith read a revelation teaching plural marriage to the Nauvoo High Council.

*Contemporary records of the Nauvoo High Council for August 12, 1843 record Hyrum Smith and William Marks gave “teachings” to the High Council. Franklin D. Richards’ “Scriptural Items” notebook for that day confirm Hyrum Smith taught about principles regarding polygamy being restored on that day.

*Smith family members who did not follow Brigham Young preserved and told tradition of Emma burning the revelation.

This is from the YouTube channel and Facebook page “Debunking Polygamy Denial”.

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