I’ll Be A Saint

The following gem was found in a publication called “The Mormon” with apostle John Taylor as editor from 1855-1857. Very little is known about the author, except that she was born around 1823 and traveled with the Cyrus H. Wheelock Company of 1853, arriving in the Great Salt Lake valley in October of that year. Her wonderful poem was featured in “The Mormon” February 24, 1855. It seemed only fitting to share it here!

I’ll Be A Saint.

I’ll be a Saint, in Israel’s God believing.
Whose power and wisdom fram’d the universe;
From whom I’m life, and health, and strength receiving:
His matchless praises, Oh! my soul rehearse.

I’ll be a Saint—His Son, my Savior loving.
He my affection’s prime object shall be,
And Oh! what care I for the world’s reproving,
He loves, and manifests His love to me.

I’ll be a Saint—the Holy Ghost beseeching,
In this frail tabernacle to abide;
I thirst for his divine effectual teaching,
Into all truth my willing soul to guide.

I’ll be a Saint—the men of God obeying,
With heavenly wisdom, light, and knowledge fill’d;
No proud self-will, nor stubbornness displaying.
To them will I in meek submission yield.

I’ll be a Saint—for that same faith contending,
Deliver’d once to Saints of early days;
The faith the holy martyrs died defending,
E’en in the lighted faggot’s fearful blaze.

I’ll be a Saint—in Jesus’ knowledge growing,
Unto salvation, that can make me wise;
Not to the flesh, but in the Spirit sowing,
That I eternal life may realize.

I’ll be a Saint—with pure and genuine feeling,
Loving the people of Jehovah’s choice;
To whom He is His purposes revealing,
Who knowing, cheerfully obey His voice.

I’ll be a Saint—the glorious Gospel spreading:
From house to house the “printed word” I’ll bear,
With sisters dear, reproach or scorn not dreading,
And warn my neighbors; for the end is near.

I’ll be a Saint—out of great Bab’lon fleeing,
To Zion’s land, all other lands above;
The mighty God, my lorn condition seeing,
Will shortly open up my way in love.

I’ll be a Saint—and go on to perfection;
And, should I sleep before the Lord appears,
May I have part in the first resurrection,
And live and reign with Him a thousand years.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be A Saint”

  1. “I’ll be a Saint—out of great Bab’lon fleeing,
    To Zion’s land, all other lands above;”

    This speaks to something I discovered while categorizing over 1,000 quotes about Zion from talks given by our leaders during the Utah Territorial years. Several of the quotes suggested that our missionaries in Europe were preaching that the Saints were building a city-of-Enoch style Zion society in Utah. They called the US economy “Babylon” and taught the Saints that they needed to achieve economic self-sufficiency because Babylon was going to fall, as prophesied in Revelation 18. Since they wouldn’t be able to rely on Babylon’s goods, they needed to produce all their own needs.

    1. I agree! And, wow, awesome task going through all that history! We definitely need to be self-sufficient in every way. And we leave Babylon because it is wicked, and that’s why it will fall. A Zion society was, is, and only every can be–gathered together completely separate from the World. Therein lies its strength, only under God.

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