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Debunking Polygamy Denial

There is a small, pernicious, yet screeching contingency of neo-Reorganites (followers of the RLDS/Community of Christ)/those that reject the gospel truths revealed during Nauvoo, trying to deceive followers of the restored Gospel into thinking Joseph Smith did not restore the scriptural principle of plural marriage. If you, or loved ones, have fallen for this anti history/anti gospel narrative, we hope you’ll check out the efforts being done to bring forward the whole record on the restoration of all things and how it applies to this principle. We share with you a new YouTube channel and Facebook page, Debunking Polygamy Denial.

This effort is focused on the full context of the history of the restoration, especially in regards to the lifetime of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Below, we’ve embedded a couple of really great videos from the creator of this channel/group.  The first is from the new channel and the second is an interview with the creator of this new effort. We hope you enjoy and share!


Podcast of the video above

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8 thoughts on “Debunking Polygamy Denial”

  1. Andrew Teasdale

    Rob Fotheringham has created a series of videos in defense of Joseph and Hyrum.

    He makes a compelling case. You should debunk this one:



    1. Thanks! Defending the scriptural and historical truth of plural marriage is defending Joseph and Hyrum which this series does. His video is easily debunked and much of it is debunked in this series

      1. Andrew Teasdale

        Excellent. Looking forward to seeing your debunking.

        You should debunk this one as well. Rob specifically demonstrates how Brigham altered Joseph Smith’s statements against polygamy to be in favor of polygamy. Rob also relates many of Joseph’s statements where Joseph explicitly claimed that he was only married to Emma. Without your debunking, people might get the impression that Brigham was dishonest when he altered Joseph’s statements and people might get the impression that Joseph was a liar when he said he only had one wife when he really had many.

        Appreciate your effort on this!

          1. Andrew Teasdale

            “Like Rob, you appear to be disingenuous.”

            I’ve seen nothing about Rob that is disingenuous. I think his perspective is different than is yours. He is fiercely supportive of Joseph Smith. You label a different perspective as “disingenuous.” Not a helpful approach in learning.

          2. No, I label people purposefully leaving out key parts of a quote as disingenuous. That is destructive to learning. The only thing he’s been shown to fiercely support is the anyone but Brigham narrative.

      2. Andrew Teasdale

        Someone must have inadvertently removed the hyperlink in my message. The debunking power is really demonstrated when you see what is being debunked. Here’s the link again.

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