Examining the Claims of Polygamy Skeptics

A growing number of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are believing in the long debunked idea that Joseph never lived nor taught the plurality of wives, culturally referred to as “polygamy”.

The Gospel Tangents podcast interviewed attorney and historian, Mark Tensmeyer to discuss the claims of polygamy skeptics in a ten part series we’ve embedded below.

Part 1 Examining Polygamy Skeptics’ Claims

Part 2 RLDS positions on Joseph’s Polygamy

Part 3 Did Cochranites Start Mormon Polygamy?

Part 4  Four Types of Polygamy Evidence from Nauvoo

Part 5 Nauvoo-era Polygamy Evidence

Part 6 3rd Party Polygamy Evidence

Part 7 Kirtland-era Polygamy Evidence

Part 8 Why So Few children of Polygamy in Nauvoo?

Part 9 Is 132 a Forged Revelation?
Watch here until podcast link is fixed

Part 10 Get Peer Reviewed

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