What Every Latter-day Saint Should Know About Vaccines

What Every Latter-day Saint Should Know About Vaccines

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As drug manufacturers rush to create a vaccine for COVID-19, one question is sure to be on the minds of many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: “What is the Church’s position on vaccines?” Of course, many will point to the 1978 statement from the First Presidency wherein they stated: “We urge members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to protect their own children through immunization… Failure to act could subject untold thousands to preventable lifelong physical or mental impairment, including paralysis, blindness, deafness, heart damage and mental retardation.” Others will bring up the fact that since 2012, mass vaccination campaigns have been officially part of the Church’s humanitarian initiatives. Because of these facts, this is where the issue ends for many people. However, the questions most worthy of our consideration are these: What is God’s position on vaccines? Does He care? Is He in favor? Does He oppose? How can we know?

The answers to these questions, as I will argue, are yes, He does care and does have a position. The way that we can know is not only through “personal revelation”–for there is a chance we could be deceived by only relying upon such alone–but also through an appeal to the scriptures and prophetic teachings on the treatment of our bodies. So, let us examine some of these things.

Truth Should Be Confirmed By Scripture

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8 thoughts on “What Every Latter-day Saint Should Know About Vaccines”

  1. I’m against taking the covid-19 vaccine but most others are okay. But if the prophet said to take it, I’ll take it.

  2. Today’s situation it totally different than years ago. I have many health professionals and medical doctors who would definitely point out the negative aspects of all vaccines today. Here is a list of just a few: Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Michael Levitt, Professor Beda Stadler, Mike Adams, Dr Judy Zimmerman PhD, Dr Carrie Madej.

    Right now the last thing I would do is take anything from Big Pharma! I consider it to be common sense. May I suggest you investigate one or two of the professionals above. Bobby Kennedy is also a huge anti-vax proponent. Check him out!

  3. President Ballard last General Conference asked people to pray for a speedy vaccine to be developed for covid.

    Also Oct 2017 and 1999 said not to listen to people who have not been properly ordained and a devotional at byuh 2001 and BYU 1996 explained how the brethren cannot lead the church astray. Every Thursday in temple pray for and get direction for church.

    Why has President Hinckley praised the church humanitarian efforts in General Conference that worked with the Red Cross and United Nations to immunize children.

    Prophets that are alive are called because we can hear there words rather than read there minds f dead prophets like Protestants do with the Bible.

    1. Yes, you should not listen to people who have not been properly ordained. That’s why we share articles based on the teachings of the Lord through His servants.
      We are not Catholics though where only preachers can know the truth. We are followers of Christ seeking his will through the revelations to His servants. As the Joseph said, any man that should teach a different doctrine is cursed.

  4. President Nelson and several other senior leaders received a vaccine, he supported it on his Facebook page. Said we supported vaccines for generations. Polio diptheria vaccines.

    I would believe prophets that are alive today who can speak to us and the Lord speaks too over people who have there mind made up and use the words of dead prophets to gain a following.

    http://Www.church news.com. HTTPS:www.the church news.com/leaders-and-ministry/2021-01-19/church-leaders.html

  5. Elizabeth Winters

    my husband and I are in our early 70es so we took the shots 1 2 and booster. in our life in less then two years over 40 in family and frinds had covid some twice. we lost 4 no Ill take that back it is 6 now died. yes all order late 70 in to 80es.

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