Home Centered Gospel Study Helps

In an effort to provide tools to help in your third hour Sunday home directed Gospel study, we’ve put together a list of scriptures and prophetic teachings on basic Gospel principles that will build a long lasting Foundation. When were the essential principles of the Gospel decided upon? D&C 130:20 There is a law, irrevocably

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Book of Mormon and Freedom

Science Vindicates the Prophets

Joseph Fielding Smith wrote: “The Savior said that preceding his coming there would be signs in the heavens. No doubt there will be appearances of commotion among the heavenly bodies. We are informed by prophecy that the earth will reel to and fro. This will make it appear like the stars are falling. The sun

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BYU-I President Works to Expel Professors Like Cleon Skousen?

The Mormon Chronicle has been contacted by sources close to former BYU-I President Kim Clark administration. The interest in the information stems from Clark’s recent talk regarding some changes to the Church Education System. Creationists and constitutionalists are afraid to say anything.  One source said, “One of Kim Clark’s VPs declared, ‘We want no Cleon Skousens

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