Hoax Website Pretends To Be Official Mormon Newsroom

While President Nelson met with leaders of the NAACP, anti-Mormon pranksters set up a fake website to look like the official newsroom of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The spoof site posted an apology in the name of the Church for its supposed history of “racism”.


The official website and the fake anti-Mormon site are distinguished only by a “-” between the words “Mormon” & “newsroom” with the official website being www.mormonnewsroom.org 

If you would like to view the Church’s official article about the meeting between the two organizations, click here.

The anti-Mormon hoax has caused a lot of confusion with all of the links on the page going to the official website making it appear even more legitimate.

Members not understanding the doctrine contained in the four standard works also lead to the confusion and their thinking that the anti-Mormon website was official.

3 thoughts on “Hoax Website Pretends To Be Official Mormon Newsroom”

  1. That explains why the Millennial Star blog posted, and then quickly retracted a story about Pres. Nelson’s apology. I watched the press conference and it didn’t sound anything like an apology to me. It was good, with a positive message, and I think it is good for the Church to do outreach like we saw today. But certainly was not an apology.

    Awesome hoax. I wonder what the fallout will be.

  2. If you knew the gospel, it wasn’t convincing at all. It hollowed out the church into irrelevance if that had actually been real.

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