The Reality of the Transfiguration of Brigham Young

As we are separated more and more from historical events, it is common for revisionists to want to reimagine the narrative for a social or political agenda. This is especially beneficial to these revisionists because those that lived through the events are no longer available to defend themselves and the truth.

A trend among LDS revisionists is to rewrite the history of the transformation of  the friend of Joseph Smith and servant of God, Brigham Young. His transformation is one of the most witnessed events in the history of the restoration. Yet even with the volume of contemporary and first hand accounts of the transfiguration, revisionists prey on the ignorance of their audience to attempt to convince them that this well documented event never happened.

A new compilation of these accounts, edited and published by Drew Briney, is a great resource for any seeker of truth.

Another great resource is this presentation by Jacob Vidrine that we have embedded the video of here and provided in podcast form below.



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