DEBUNKED: Woodruff Did NOT Go To The Bohemian Grove

In our Store, we offer scans of rare and hard to find documents, one of which is a reference to Wilford Woodruff attending the Bohemian Grove’s parent organization, the Bohemian Club.

Many have falsely stated that President Woodruff attended the Satanic rituals of the grove. This new report from the Tree of Liberty Society documents that President Woodruff did NOT attend the Grove and goes into additional details.

In addition to the distinction between the grove and the club, Tree of Liberty Society documents the clubs origins, membership and influence in society in the past as well as today. We hope you will check out their report.


3 thoughts on “DEBUNKED: Woodruff Did NOT Go To The Bohemian Grove”

  1. My only comment is ithat it’s seems correct on the outside innocent enough..but he just wanted to be accepted by the world.he presented John Taylor the manaesto,John Taylor said he would suffer his right hand to be off
    Rather than sign off on the document. I know these are two separate things but it shows it woodruff heart going the way of the world.check out the four hidden revelatio,s google it.It seems in those days the saints would rather die then surrennder it to the days the saints would rather die than live the seems pres woodruff acquired an attitude in those days

  2. Secret societies are not of god,I have served a mission sit in council’s of the much has gone gone then,oh well what I do

  3. Pres Woodruff did not go to the Bohemian GROVE, HE WAS A GUEST SPEAKER AT THE BOHEMIAN CLUB.
    He died days afterward in California.

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