A Lion Among Sheep and There Would be None to Deliver

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The prophecies in the Book of Mormon regarding us Gentiles are most sobering, even frightening (Editors note: President Boyd K. Packer says we are the Gentiles the Book of Mormon is talking about here, “and the term gentile in that place in the Book of Mormon refers to us in our generation”).

The Lord God of Israel Himself spoke to us about our fate if we failed to repent and come unto Him and understand the true points of His gospel.

In 3 Ne. 16:20 and 21 He states repeatedly that the remnant of the House of Israel, those to whom He was speaking, would go through among us as a Lion among a flock of sheep and there would be none to deliver.

Then Mormon, after recounting the horrible events attending the destruction of his own people by the Lamanites, gives us a similar warning in almost the same words as those of the Savior. (See Mormon 5:24)

Isaiah makes mention of the great blessings which will come to the House of Israel, the remnant, when they are restored to the lands of their inheritance. Christ dwells on this theme at great length as He speaks to the Nephites (and Lamanites) about the last days. But the vital message contained in the three chapters 16, 20, and 21 is to the Gentiles. It is a warning to us to repent and to keep the covenant or we will be swept off. However as many of us as do repent will be numbered with the seed of Lehi and will receive this chosen land as an eternal home.

Nephi adds his warning to us Gentiles. After quoting extensively from Isaiah, he proceeds to explain Isaiah’s prophecies. He states that all of the Gentile nations shall be drunken with iniquity and all manner of abominations. (2 Ne. 27:1, 2) He says even the humble followers of Christ will be misled by the precepts of men. (2 Ne. 28:14) But then he says that we need not suppose that all of the Gentiles are destroyed. As many as will repent are the covenant people. (2 Ne. 30:1, 2)

Mormon, after recounting the destruction of his own people by the Lamanites, warns us Gentiles that they will destroy us also unless we repent. (Mormon 5:19-22)

Moroni adds his warning but does so regarding the secret combinations, which is a much more explicit warning because it brings into focus our great national crime: the violation of the covenant by the corruption of our laws. We have adopted Satan’s laws and system of government instead. And so we have these prophets warning us Gentiles of our coming tragedy:

  1. Christ; 3 Ne. 16:20, 21
  2. Mormon; Moroni 5:19-22
  3. Nephi; 2 Ne. 30:1, 2
  4. Jacob; 2 Ne. 10:18, 19
  5. Moroni; Ether 2 and Ether 8 esp.

(Personal Notes, “The Failure of the Gentiles to Obey the Covenant of the Gospel,” 10/16/1981)

27 thoughts on “A Lion Among Sheep and There Would be None to Deliver”

  1. I’m afraid we are all “misled by the precepts of men” to some extent. We have all “adopted Satan’s law and system of government”….we are living in the middle of it. So what does it mean to have repented so we may be included among “the covenant people”? I think the temple is the ensign by which we may know, and the covenants made in the temple are the covenants of the covenant people. Of course, we must keep those covenants, which includes the law of consecration. I recommend Hugh Nibley’s collection, “Approaching Zion” to help each of us determine where we stand before the Lord concerning that all-inclusive covenant.

  2. Hi Ezra,

    I have a question about your statement: “The Lord God of Israel Himself spoke to us about our fate if we failed to repent and come unto Him and understand the true points of His gospel.” Can you clarify your definition of “the true points of His gospel”?
    Thank you,

    1. Elder Andersen is implicitly referencing 3 Ne. 21:6:

      “For thus it behooveth the Father that it should come forth from the Gentiles, that he may show forth his power unto the Gentiles, for this cause that the Gentiles, if they will not harden their hearts, that they may repent and come unto me and be baptized in my name and know of the true points of my doctrine, that they may be numbered among my people, O house of Israel;”

      Pondering that verse may help answer your question.

      See also D&C 10:62: http://lds.org/scriptures/dc-testament/dc/10.62?lang=eng#61

  3. So I am thinking it will take another 30-40 years though before the Remnant will have spread enough in the land to be "16 Then shall ye, who are a remnant of the house of Jacob, go forth among them; and ye shall be in the midst of them who shall be many; and ye shall be among them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, and as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he goeth through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.". This sounds like a race war…. How bad would things need to get for that to happen? That doesnt sound like the remnant will be living the gospel yet either. Perhaps later?

    1. I believe that this promise (as a lion) will first be fulfilled by Deseret when it stands up and puts on its mantle (which will be governed by a constitutional government upheld by the priesthood) and not (initially at least) the city of Zion. Not a race war but a war to establish and protect the freedom of it’s way of life and principles.
      Just my thinking.

    2. Recent estimates are that if comprehensive immigration reform occurs the way many want it to, 1/3 of all Adult Males in Mexico would come here. Open our borders to those who want to come and we will be flooded very quickly.

      Often prophecies are fulfilled by an unrighteous branch preceding a righteous branch. Our history as a nation affirms this.

      There has been much speculation among prophecy regarding this event or these events. I do not however discount an unrighteous fulfillment preceding the righteous fulfillment of these things.

  4. Thanks for another timely post.
    I feel compelled to state that I am not a gentile. Although we live in a gentile nation and have a gentile culture with what has become increasingly obvious, a gentile government, I personally hold my adoption as an member of the house of Israel as a precious possession. Perhaps it seems like semantics but there it is.
    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. It is only semantics if our values and priorities are the same as the gentiles we live among and not if they are not. If our values are denominated in dollars and that’s how we value things like our time and talents then yes, we are probably gentiles.

  5. I consider the books by H. Verlan Andersen to be the MOST VALUABLE books in my library, especially “Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen”. I have learned more about “the true points of His Gospel” by reading them and then patterning my life after those points than from ANY other source, and I have been the target for more persecution from my fellow LDS as a result, than for all other reasons combined. Most LDS today will not tolerate the warnings to us gentiles that are found in the BOM. I was placed on probation by my branch and stake presidents for reading from Ether 8 while bearing my testimony. My stake president told me that such warnings are “negative pessimisms”, and are not appropriate for ANY Church meeting. 2nd Nephi 28:14 is what we are living now. Very sad.

    1. Michael. I’d doubt your story, except that I had a similar experience. I was released from my calling and threatened with court action for referencing D&C 98:16 and suggesting that we weren’t doing what we should.

      1. To paraphrase a friend of mine; we must continue to strive for the celestial law, even if those around us are unprepared. However, we must continue to love all, no matter where they are in their eternal progression.

  6. So WHO exactly is the lion? Most people I know think it is the influx of illegals here from Mexico. Are they the remnant of Jacob?

    1. I think it is all the native americans both north, central and south american which are numerous now like they were during the time of the nephites fall. Back then they were called the lamanites. And since they actually multiply and replenish the earth as oppssed to our gentile culture of birth control and abortion it is onl a matter of time before they overtake the whole of the land as was promised to Lehi. But just as the lamanites whiped out the nephites because they were more wicked than they, i think the same thing will happen as it did before. This is no reason to fear them but instead to fear the Lord. He has promised that those who uphold his word and keep their covenants will be counted among the lions or “passed over” as it were.

    2. Points to consider:
      Janet Napolitano stated that she was ‘afraid’ of an invasion from the south (as a reason for martial law?). We know, now, that the government provided the drug cartels with weapons & training as part of “fast & furious.” Perhaps Jane and her gang have created a private & very morally corrupt army for the purpose of invading this country. With that army in place, she can say openly, what some U.S. citizens have been thinking, as a way of implanting fear in this country.

      Also, some young sheeple south of the border think we ‘stole’ California, Arizona, & Texas from them. Hence, Jane has unwittingly provided a way for the Lions to come and go through the flock of U.S. sheep (sheeple). Maybe getting to know hispanic members may be a good idea?

      1. Kate Fletcher Brierley

        I agree, it seems that the Lord always punishes his people when they become wicked by another race..all the scriptures are full of it……England will be invaded and humbled (already happening) and so will the USA, if for no other reasons that the millions of abortions of babies that are happening….

    3. I consider the American Indians to exactly fit that description… if you read the whole story in the BOM, I think that they fit perfectly the description of ” the remnant of Jacob”

    4. take a look at how the Latins have accepted the gospel and tell me that they are not descendants of Lehi. I feel that these are Lamonates and that those that don’t accept the Gospel are the Lion mentioned in 3 Nephi. Look at how Latin teenagers handle our flag or talk about how this land was stolen from them. They have performed violence against Americans. We all agree that America is wicked with abortion, drugs, secret combinations, driving God out of the schools and anything public. We are witnessing this prophecy as we live.

    5. Just look at the acceptance of the gospel among the latins in Mexico. Theres as many temples in Central America as in Utah. The landscape, special features, positions of the land to Oceans, even the narrow of neck of land, near a village called Paredon or large wall, on the west coast were the land divides the sea. ( its still there) is described in the Book of Mormon.

  7. Ezra,
    Third paragraph from the top opens with “In 3 Ne. 16:20 and 21 He states repeatedly…”

    Unfortunately, there is no 3 Ne. 16:21, the quote that is in 20 doesn’t apply here. Need clarification and an edit.

  8. Could the lion be immigrants from the middle east who are radicalized and have traces of the blood of israel through intermarriage thrpughout the years?

  9. We are the the lion. The 10 tribes were scattered among the Gentile nations. The preaching of the gospel is the way the remnant of Israel is being gathered. Europeans are both Gentiles and Israelites. Gentiles because they were scattered among the genitle nations and Israelites because when the Israelites escaped Assyria they traveled through the Caucasus Mountains and spread from Russia where they were first into the rest of Europe and eventually into the British Isles. There were other Israelite groups that migrated into Europe and the British Isles over a period beginning as far back as 1500 BC. Those of us who accept the gospel are numbered among Israel while those who do not are not numbered among them even if they are literal Israelites, if they reject the gospel then they are counted as gentiles. Those who are not literal Israelites, but accept the gospel will also be numbered among Israel. https://www.amazon.com/Story-Celto-Saxon-Israel-FRGS-Bennett/dp/0818702885/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1541190941&sr=8-1&keywords=the+story+of+celto-saxon+israel. Here’s another book from an ld s perspective that talks about it. https://www.amazon.com/Whence-Came-They-Britain-Restoration/dp/1555174299/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1541191019&sr=8-1&keywords=Whence+came+they Ephraim is the head of the northern 10 tribes of Israel and Judah is the head of the southern 2 tribes of Israel. Even though we are gentile s because we came from gentil e nations, we are also the remnant of Israel and because we have accepted the gospel then we are not counted as gentile s even though we are from gentle nations. I think it’s kind of like African Americans are both Africans and Americans. They have African heritage and genetics, but the if nation is America. The same with Chinese Americans. Then there are the White people of European ancestry in Africa. They are European, but also African. So the scattered 10 tribes are Israelites, but also Gentiles.

  10. So the European people who accept the gospel retain their identity as Israelites which has been hidden from the world and those who are not true Israelites gain the Israelites identity by accepting the gospel. I think Eric is right. Also we as Europeans are literally Ephraim as in the northern 10 tribes headed by Ephraim. We are not adopted in. That’s a false idea that has crept into the church. Those who are not literal Israelites but who accept the gospel are adopted in but the majority of those so come from countries where the gospel was first preacher are literal Israel.

  11. According to Sister Nelson’s experience while she was meeting with sister missionaries on her trip with President Nelson, Sister Nelson asked the sisters what tribe they were from. Most of the House of Israel was represented in that one group. Subsequent meetings with other sisters revealed the rest of the tribes. Sister Nelson asserts that the lost tribes are being gathered now. President Nelson seems to agree with this assessment. It was printed in the Ensign and a short video has been made of her experience.

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