The United Nations: Preparing for God’s Reign on Earth or Planned Tyranny?

Some have touted the United Nations as being a “Heavenly” institution designed to rid the world of war and prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. Others contend that its design is to bring about a tyrannical world government under which Satan’s plan of human slavery can be instituted.

Let’s examine the facts and find out if the United Nations is God’s government in embryo, or Satan’s plan of tyranny on earth, by comparing God’s revealed pattern of government with the tenets of the UN.

The scriptures state that government, in order to remain in peace, must “secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and the protection of life.” (D&C 134:2)

In contrast, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights states that “rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations” (Article 29, UN Declaration of Human Rights)

The scriptures affirm that rights must not be violated, under the UN any right can be limited as prescribed by law.

Let’s also examine the authors of the UN charter, along with the interests they represent, and compare them to the words of modern LDS Church leaders:

Church Leaders:

“We consider it (Communism) the greatest satanical threat to peace, prosperity, and the spread of God’s work among men that exists on the face of the earth.” (First Presidency Message, 1966)

“I am sorry to see this murderous influence prevailing throughout the world… This feeling of communism… is contrary to every principle of the Gospel of the Son of God” (John Taylor JD-22:142-3)

UN Charter Authors:

Alger Hiss: Convicted Soviet spy

Vyacheslav Molotov: Representative of the Soviet Union

According to Church leaders, the result of this Communist influence on the United Nations Charter is clear:

“Perhaps the most striking feature of the Charter is the plainly discernible track of the Great Bear either by way of express grants of power available and advantageous to him or by limitations against the exercise of powers by the Charter members,—all for the benefit of the Bear.” (J. Reuben Clark, 1945)

“Since the inception of the UN, we have had nothing but wars and rumors of wars… These circumstances should have been unexpected, because “communism and all other similar-isms.” Are merely clumsy counterfeits which Satan always devises of the Gospel.” (Marion G. Romney, BYU, 3/1/55)

“United States membership in the United Nations has caused a perversion of our fundamental concepts of government… We cannot restore Americanism; we cannot have an American policy, either foreign or domestic; we cannot reestablish America as a free and independent constitutional republic—until we withdraw from the United Nations. “(Ezra Taft Benson, quoting The Dan Smoot Report, 1962, The Red Carpet, P. 193-7)

In conclusion:

“…let us have no further blind devotion to the communist-dominated United Nations.” (Ezra Taft Benson, A Race Against Time, BYU, 12/10/63)

19 thoughts on “The United Nations: Preparing for God’s Reign on Earth or Planned Tyranny?”

  1. Ah ha! I’ve figured it out!

    It’s Poe’s law in action, you guys. The authors aren’t advocating Skousian lunacy; they’re lampooning it! They’re trying to protect people from conservative Mormonism by showing just how crazy it gets.

    Well played, sirs. Well played.

  2. Is it “God’s government in embryo, or Satan’s plan of tyranny on earth”?

    How about neither? Maybe it’s just a political organization where nations can meet and discuss things to hopefully avoid further conflict and occasionally come to an agreement. It also has it’s flaws due to the necessity for “compromise” in accommodating differing national interest amongst the founders without which it wouldn’t have come into existence at all or else would have failed due to the non-participation of key nations like the League of Nations failed. It’s “diplomacy” and that’s about it.

    Seriously discussing whether the U.N. is “God’s government in embryo, or Satan’s plan of tyranny on earth” is religious extremism and the political equivalent of calculating the date of last week’s rapture.

    1. I’m sorry. Rational and well thought out statements have no place on this board. If you’re not willing to post only examples that confirm your bias, go somewhere else.

    2. You’re right. The UN is so obviously at least part of Satan’s plan of tyranny on the earth that it merits no discussion. It’s like discussing whether the sun is shining on a sunny day.

  3. Your article touches on some very good points. I believe, that a majority of the representatives at the UN have a very different idea of how the world should be run (or controlled). Specifically, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. While there some parts of it that are reasonable, there are many more parts of it that are not. Such a proposed treaty is dangerous to families as it is slanted toward the premise that the state is a better “parent” than the parent(s) and reduces the actual parent to being a buddy more or less. Suggesting that we parents don’t have all the skills necessary to raise our own kids, make family decisions, etc. but the state does and therefore they should have the final say on your child’s upbringing. Please check out these two websites to look into this further and fight back the UN’s proposal. and

    AST, you will find that the UN is promoting sex education, recognizing your gender to be a part of school curriculum as early as Kindergarten. I find this completely offensive and wrong. If this isn’t Satan’s influence I don’t what is Oh, the UN has more on their plates like plans for population reduction and other insidious plans. Look for yourself. This isn’t religious extremism, it’s going on right under our faces. Our president and the secretary of state are neck deep in the UN’s new plans for the world. If you haven’t seen our liberties disappearing lately and our nation falling under tyranny you don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Do some homework, the UN isn’t just a political organization for nations to meet, it’s much, much more than that. It’s quite dangerous to our liberties, families, marriage, education, how we worship, and our Constitution. There is only one being that I know of who hates and despises any happiness that comes from the above mentioned treasures and that’s the adversary. Do some homework.

  4. Ah Ha I see, thanks Julian, Skousen was a Lunatic and the U.N. is nothing but a benevolent peace keeper here only for the worlds well being, stick your head back in the sand or do a little research, the U.N. was never a peace keeping organizations it’s always been a war making world police power, some people can’t handle the truth and in order to assure themselves of their world view they Lampoon others like skousen.

  5. While I may not agree with some of the UN’s doings, I highly doubt they are part of some commy conspiracy that will destroy freedom. I see the UN pretty much as a place where nations can dialogue and see each other’s needs and try to support each other in a positive and free manner. I know that the UN is in no way the devils tool to further his cause.

    1. Here is a video of John F. McManus: A Hard Look at the United Nations. Hope this helps you and others understand that the UN is
      not a positive support group for nations to discuss the problems of the day. You may not think the adversary has influence over it but history shows us otherwise. Sure, they are “peace” keepers with a big insidious stick and venom. Tell me what you think.

    2. Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than a tyrant is ignorance in high gear–go read the U.N. Charter. I would hope you have read the U.S. Constitution, maybe the Magna Carta. Old Testament?

  6. It’s quite interesting that after so many decades of the UN taking our (American) dollars, blatantly voting against American interests time and time again, denouncing Israel at every chance it gets, some people *still* think this organization is just a bunch of peace-loving people from other countries (who are on OUR land BTW) simply meeting together to see how we can all just do a better job of simply getting along! Wake up and smell the Postum!!

  7. David D'Addabbo

    The UN is funded by all nations, but mostly by the US Federal Reserve NOTES… printed by the US treasury, but sold to the US government by the IMF world bankers, who make profits off of the bank rupted US governments… so far 3 times now… The UN is NOT for the people and will be used to set up the world government inside the US boarders… Now in Indiana NORTHCOM from the UN is now training soldiers to kill Americans that rebell…. Truth is that the base was X US military but closed by KING Clinton and resurected by KING OBAMA… for the UN soldiers….

    Treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the constitution… US Const Art 3 Sect 3… the only gov allowed inside the US is Republican sovereign for the rights of the individual over the wants of the whole… US Const Art 4 Sect 4. Therefore the UN charter hides nothing about its desires to overthrow the US freedoms and liberties… So, wake up and read Book of Mormon Ether Chapter 8…. following commandments of God and fight to save this nation… we in Utah are now under the control of foreign governments called socialist democracies of corporations for profit… see Utah INC… now in default of a court case in Utah Court of Appeals # 20110181-CA. For treason crimes, racketeering, Fraud, extortion, perjury from attorney generals office under oath affidavits caught in lies… much more… WAKE UP and find the truth for yourselves instead of just living as bond servants for the new world order that BUSH senior started with Desert Storm…

  8. It interesting to me that so many members will discount the above statements by Prophets, Seers and Revelators of the church. How much clearer could they be about the UN? Either you believe the prophets or you have your own ideas and the prophets statements are not true. Where do you stand? Some will say “oh the prophet can speak his own opinion as a man and not the prophet.” While that is true, it is a very slippery slope to start going against the word of the prophets. Many of our progressive brothers and sisters in the church are having a hard time believing that the prophets have said so much about these issues (in General Conference in some instances) because it is obviously against all progressive policies. The separation of the wheat from the Shaft is going to happen soon enough.

  9. The seperation of the wheat from the chaff is happening now. Ones very own opinion on the U.N. is a example of this. The world is a very divided place right now. More and more are turning to the progressive movement for the answers, a movement that has no true answers. All we can do is follow the counsel of Prophets and Apostles. Right now they aretelling us to get our own houses in order. The priesthood session of The Last Conference was a huge wake up call for us brethren humble ourselves turn to the Lord and rely on him. We are in those perilous times.

    Yes the U.N. was established to be a world dominating government. It’s track record speaks for itself. Lok at it’s fruit. Oh, and research the founders of the U.N.

  10. How can anyone be blind to the evils of the U.N.? Because they haven’t
    checked into any of it, that’s how. The platitudes that it came about in
    order to promote peace, etc. are NOT substantiated by facts. Nor by
    history. It is today even more insidious & entrenched in innumerable
    aspects of our lives, & the lives of every member country, than when it
    was formed. Yes, freedom demands that we withdraw (& every country
    withdraw) from the U.N. We must not be cowards & fail to take this

  11. We do have in mind that the UN is mostly funded and great power is imposed by the United States right? We do have in mind that it is also ran by “mainly” interest from amongst big power nations right? It’s kind of “ironic” how on one hand we have the constitution but on the other the same country that promotes it also works behind it as a hidden wolf. And I’m not going to bother mentioning and throwing “labels” such as Communism or Socialism.. I believe everyone is part of that, even Conservatives. Let’s also not overlooked the goods the UN has done. But yes, in general the UN is not an effective functioning body. A bit too far on calling the Evils body though.

  12. I can’t help but notice a severe lack of diversity in the quotes selected. Here’s a selection from Alexanders ‘Mormonsim in Transition’

    “A number of the general authorities were upset with Senator Smoot’s anti-league(of nations) stand. In part, the differences developed over scriptural interpretation and the feelings about the millennium. President Grant and a number of the members of the Twelve like Orson F. Whitney, Anthony W. Ivins, Stephen L Richards, George F. Richards, Richard R. Lyman, and James E. Talmage saw the league as a means of spreading Christianity throughout the world. Richards said that the league was inspired of God, and Talmage addressed a congregation in the Tabernacle calling upon members of the church to support Wilson and “his inspired work.”


    The Nations sacrifice to demon’s and not to god . Only after God’s kingdom destroys human rule will there be peace and security on Earth . The un is a conspiracy against God’s kingdom . The un is blasphemous . The un is a false god .

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