I’ll Be A Saint

The following gem was found in a publication called “The Mormon” with apostle John Taylor as editor from 1855-1857. Very little is known about the author, except that she was born around 1823 and traveled with the Cyrus H. Wheelock Company of 1853, arriving in the Great Salt Lake valley in October of that year.

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What Is Priesthood? Part 2

In our first article we showed that the power of the priesthood is the Holy Ghost. We wish now to show that when that power is absent, then the priesthood authority—and even the priesthood itself—has been taken from that individual or organization. As we believe in the restoration of the priesthood—with the powers thereof given

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What is Priesthood? Part 1

We undertake this most important subject with the hope of receiving the help of the lord in bringing this to the people. We feel that no man can perform the ordinances of the Gospel in these last days or in former days unless ordained and called of God. This is not unlike an ambassador that

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