4 thoughts on “NO, Lincoln Did NOT Visit Woodruff in the St George Temple”

  1. So, not only didn’t Lincoln visit Woodruff in the St. George temple, it’s unlikely any of the others did as well. Why? Two reasons.

    First, there is no contemporary account in Woodruff’s journal nor in the journals of any of the other people in the St. George temple at the time. Were you or I there, we certainly would have make a record of this in our journal. Same is true of the people who were working in the St. George temple at the time – and there were no contemporary entries.

    Second, the temple work for all these people (Founding Fathers) had already been done. So, there was no reason for these people to visit Woodruff and complain that their work had not been done.

    1. You’re saying Woodruff made up the whole account?
      By this reasoning, Joseph made up the restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood since it wasn’t in his journal at the time.

      There are lots of reasons why the work would need to be done “again”.

    2. Thanks for your reply, Andrew. I wondered for many years if the account is true or false. I’m still undecided. Why, in your mind, would Wilford make this up? I smell Satan doing what he’s always done–deceive. I severed my ties with the Church at 44 years old. I consider Joseph Smith a true prophet, but Brigham Young had no authority as such, from God. His “authority” came from the people’s vote, but it didn’t come from God. Lehi’s dream reminds all of us that the rod of iron is the word of God. May none of us ever depart from it to form our own opinions based on the words of other men. Satan will use every extreme to derail us. In the scriptures, it was the masses who believed, while the truth only lied with a few.

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