Mitt Romney Is A Radical Leftist

Mitt Romney wants to be elected to the US Senate from Utah. Sadly, his views are far outside the mainstream of Utah values, even rejecting major teachings of the church he claims membership in.  Please watch and share the video below for more information

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4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Is A Radical Leftist”

  1. From what I have observed since he ran for President, this makes total since; when he broke with Mormon values to follow his election officials; if he had stayed with his Mormon values I think he would of won.

  2. It is a mistake for us to consider politically liberal Mormons to be evil. I know a number of them who are genuinely concerned for the disadvantaged and are quite sincere. They also are practicing members of the faith. Hugh Nibley was a great Mormon scholar and a committed member of the Church yet he was a democrat and fairly liberal about some things. James E. Faust, of the First Presidency was a democrat. People who have known Mitt Romney well for many years attest to his good character and his genuine service to others and to his philanthropy with his own money. I may not agree with his political views, but demonizing anyone with whom we disagree and assuming that because someone may have questions about a doctrine they are evil is wrong.

    1. Being a member of a party does not always equal ideology. Pointing out ideology to see one is qualified to represent you is what we are commanded to do. See D&C 98:4-11 & 134:1

      1. Agreed, and Nibley, despite being a democrat, actually spoke out against political ideology: “Nothing is easier than to identify one’s own favorite political, economic, historical, and moral convictions with the gospel. That gives one a neat, convenient, but altogether too easy advantage over one’s fellows. If my ideas are the true ones–and I certainly will not entertain them if I suspect for a moment that they are false!–then, all truth being one, they are also the gospel, and to oppose them is to play the role of Satan. This is simply insisting that our way is God’s way and, therefore, the only way. It is the height of impertinence….” (Nibley, “Beyond Politics,” 1978)pp. 298-299

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