What is a “False Prophet”?

“Testifying of Christ” makes a person no more a disciple of Christ than talking about Mars makes someone a Martian.  If that were not so, televangelists like Benny Hinn and Jimmy Swaggart would be two of Christ’s greatest disciples, because they are constantly trying to bring people to “believe in Christ,” even though at the same time, they collect millions of dollars from Christians unaware of their ungodly lifestyles.

            Taking scriptures out of context and neglecting prophetic clarifications has brought forth false notions of what is truth since the beginning of time.  For example, sectarians have taught that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are one personage based on scriptures such as, “I and my father are one.” (John 10:30)  Sectarians have also tried to say that the restored doctrine of eternal marriage is false because of scriptures such as, “For in the resurrection, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” (Matt 22:30)

            Read in a vacuum, scriptural verses can create a false impression of what the Lord was actually teaching.  This is often done amongst ourselves as Latter-day Saints, with scriptures like this one:

“for everything which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.” (Moroni 7:16)

            We think that just because someone professes to “testify” of Christ that they must be good and honorable, and speaking the truth.  However, the Prophet Joseph Smith explained:

Some will say, “try the spirits” by the word. “Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God.” (1 John 4:2-3) One of the Irvingites once quoted this passage whilst under the influence of a spirit, and then said, “I confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.” And yet these prophecies failed, their Messiah did not come; and the great things spoken of by them have fallen to the ground. What is the matter here? Did not the Apostle speak the truth? Certainly he did—but he spoke to a people who were under the penalty of death, the moment they embraced Christianity; and no one without a knowledge of the fact would confess it, and expose themselves to death, and this was consequently given as a criterion to the church or churches to which John wrote. (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p213)

Put in another light, Joseph said:

Any man may believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and be happy in that belief, and yet not obey his commandments, and at last be cut down for disobedience to the Lord’s righteous requirements. A man of God should be endowed with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, in order to teach and lead the people of God. The sectarian priests are blind, and they lead the blind, and they will all fall into the ditch together. They build with hay, wood, and stubble, on the old revelations, without the true priesthood or spirit of revelation. If I had time, I would dig into hell, hades, sheol, and tell what exists there. (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p311)

The Prophet here clearly clarifies the context of the scriptures, and the fact that as Christ said:

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. (Matt 7:22)

            There is more to becoming a true disciple of Christ then simply testifying of Him.  In the above example, the Prophet taught that no imposter would confess Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the Savior of mankind, under threat of death.  Persecution, imprisonment, and/or the taking of one’s life, are “fruits” of being a true follower of Christ.  Brother Joseph proclaimed:

                Abel was slain for his righteousness, and how many more up to the flood is not of much consequence to us now. But if we believe in present revelation, as published in the “Times and Seasons” last spring, Abraham, the prophet of the Lord, was laid upon the iron bedstead for slaughter; and the book of Jasher, which has not been disproved as a bad author, says he was cast into the fire of the Chaldees. Moses, the man of God, who killed an Egyptian persecutor of the children of Israel, was driven from his country and kindred. Elijah had to flee his country, for they sought his life,—and he was fed by ravens. Daniel was cast into a den of lions: Micah was fed on the bread of affliction; and Jeremiah was cast into the filthy hole under the Temple; and did these afflictions come upon these prophets of the Lord on account of transgression? No! It was the iron hand of persecution—like the chains of Missouri! And mark—when these old prophets suffered, the vengeance of God, in due time, followed and left the wicked opposers of the Lord’s anointed like Sodom and Gomorrah; like the Egyptians; like Jezebel, who was eaten by dogs; and like all Israel, which were led away captive, till the Lord had spent his fury upon them—even to this day.

                Let us come into New Testament times—so many are ever praising the Lord and His apostles. We will commence with John the Baptist. When Herod’s edict went forth to destroy the young children, John was about six months older than Jesus, and came under this hellish edict, and Zacharias caused his mother to take him into the mountains, where he was raised on locusts and wild honey. When his father refused to disclose his hiding place, and being the officiating high priest at the Temple that year, was slain by Herod’s order, between the porch and the altar,as Jesus said. John’s head was taken to Herod, the son of this infant murderer, in a charger—notwithstanding there was never a greater prophet born of a woman than him!

            This isn’t limited to anyone “special” like the prophet, but anyone that preaches the fullness of the gospel.  The Prophet Joseph taught:

It always has been when a man was sent of God with the priesthood and he began to preach the fullness of the gospel, that he was thrust out by his friends,who are already to butcher him if he teach things which they imagine to be wrong; and Jesus was crucified upon this principle. (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p310)

                Preaching the fullness of the gospel leads to persecution, especially from the government.  The Book of Mormon, which contains the fullness of the gospel of Christ, teaches us in Second Nephi that if we believe in Christ, we will believe in the words Christ delivers through His prophets:

And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, and he hath given them unto me. (2 Nephi 33:10)

There are those among us today attempting to persuade the Saints not to believe the words of Christ delivered through His servants, such as Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, etc.  These wolves come in with the claim that they know more about Joseph than those who were taught directly by him.  Essentially, they speak evil against the Lord’s anointed; teaching that Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and others, taught a different gospel than that which was given to us by the Prophet Joseph.  While in reality, despite their personal shortcomings, Brother Brigham and the others were part of Joseph’s trusted inner circle, dedicated unto death to carry out his “measures,” i.e. the fullness of the gospel.

False teachers give lip service to those prophets of God, saying “they were good for the time,” but then stab them in the back, saying they were a different era or period of Mormonism, and that these “prophets” were actually not prophets at all, but the beginning of an apostasy.  These accusers of the brethren claim to be “testifying of Christ,” but, as the Irvingites of the past, and the Benny Hinns of today, they are false teachers; exposed by their doctrines, which contradict men foreordained before this world to deliver the words of Christ and the fullness of His gospel to us.  The Lord said that they (Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, etc.) were some of the “noble and great ones” seen by father Abraham. (D&C 138:53-55)

Those that seek to undermine the words of those “noble and great ones” are fighting against Christ and the fullness of His gospel.  Most of these false teachers do not bear the fruit of persecution by the hand of worldly powers, but instead are supported and maintained by the very same forces that attack the true saints of God, and therefore expose themselves by their actions and affiliations.  Those that “can tell true from false spirits,” will be able to judge these false teachers by their fruits.  Ultimately, these wolves in sheep’s clothing preach a false Christ and deny the true Holy One of Israel and His everlasting gospel.  Paul admonished the Galatians about this, and the same lesson applies today:

there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. (Galatians 1:8-9)

                Personal revelation to a man and his family are part of the bedrock of our faith.  Heavenly Father and His Son continually encourage us to make our calling and election sure through certain ordinances and covenants, and the Second Comforter.  Periodically, people arise publicly claiming to have had a special experience along those lines.  One has to wonder, unless they are called to be a divine messenger from heaven, why would they attempt to tell everyone else about their personal blessing, and then sell the steps on how others can achieve similar experiences?  If not called as a prophet by the Savior himself to publicly testify of the reality of Christ and His resurrection—and the true gospel—then how can they justify taking their pearls and casting them before swine for money?  Often these folks will stay in the fold, as did countless men throughout Church history, and say, “No, I’m not a prophet.  I have no calling over mankind,” while at the same time, like Sidney Rigdon, they secretly reveal things to their followers which contradict the true prophets, and line by line, precept upon precept, lead those Saints astray.

            The Prophet Joseph taught that “when a man goes about prophesying, and commands men to obey his teachings, he must either be a true or false prophet.  False prophets always arise to oppose the true prophets, and they will prophesy so very near the truth that they will deceive almost the very chosen ones.” (History of the Church 6:364)  Obviously God’s house is a house of order, so we must be weary of those who come into the fold belittling the true prophets of the past, while raising themselves up as the person who can give us the words of eternal life.  The internet often provides a forum for their “other gospel,” ensnaring unsuspecting victims with their glorious manifestations, new teachings, and erroneous history.  It is not uncommon for such wolves to pervert the truth and subtly pick away at the fullness of the Gospel, for it has always been so, as Brother Joseph warned us:

It is thought by some that our enemies would be satisfied with my destruction; but I tell you that as soon as they have shed my blood they will thirst for the blood of every man in whose heart dwells a single spark of the spirit of the fullness of the Gospel. The opposition of these men is moved by the spirit of the adversary of all righteousness. It is not only to destroy me, but every man and woman who dares believe the doctrines that God hath inspired me to teach to this generation. (History of the Church 6:498)

            Brigham Young had plenty to say about men who thought they knew more than those chosen by the Lord.  For instance, in 1847 he preached:

All the false prophets we have are men that have turned aside from the truth… Brother Joseph said that he had taught the twelve all he knew concerning the order of the Kingdom, but the difficulty was that they could not remember it as he could then; but when it was necessary they would not be at a loss for understanding. And I bear record to the truth of his words before God this day, that I always had an understanding and everything was brought to my mind just as he taught them to us.  (Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Van Wagoner, Vol. 1, p180)

            This is not to say that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc., were infallible; no one is except Jesus Christ.  As the Prophet Joseph explained to the Saints a month before he was murdered,

“I never told you I was perfect—but there is no error in the revelations which I have taught.”  Then directing his comments to those finding fault with the doctrines and practices he was revealing in Nauvoo, he commanded them to “shut your mouths for the future.” (Words of Joseph Smith, Ehat and Cook, p369)

            I recommend to everyone that if you don’t know what the fullness of the gospel is—as taught by the Prophet Joseph, Brigham Young, John Taylor, etc.—then familiarize yourself with it.  “It is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance.” (Words of Joseph Smith, p202)  Until you know what Joseph Smith laid out as the fullness of the gospel, and have a testimony of it from the Holy Ghost, it will be difficult for you to detect false prophets who tinker with and chip away at his teachings in these last days.  But once enlightened, not only will you find joy in the restoration of all things since the world began, never again to be taken from the earth, but you will be enabled with the knowledge and power to identify phony versions and the wolves who promulgate them.  You will have a vision before you of the true way of achieving exaltation as taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith, and begin the process of receiving your calling and election made sure, fellowshipping with the Second Comforter, and testifying of Christ and His gospel, restored through his “noble and great ones” for the last time before His coming!

If a man gets the fulness of God he has to get [it] in the same way that Jesus Christ obtain[ed] it & that was by keeping all the ordinances of the house of the Lord. (Words of Joseph Smith, p213)

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  1. I applaud the things you say in this article – especially concerning upholding the prophets, even in their imperfections, and seeking the fulness of the gospel. I have recently read twice a book written by a local group. Everything they say makes sense to me, but I detected a conflict between their claim that our calling and election can be received “on our knees in our living room” (my words) and more traditional claims that the calling and election can only be made sure through a priesthood ordinance performed by one who has that specific authority. Is this what you are referring to? If you don’t feel comfortable answering this here, could you possible respond privately at [email protected]?

    1. Perhaps you are confusing two different things that are often called the same thing (Calling & Election)…? Unless I misunderstand what you are saying? There is the ordinance, the Second Anointing, but that is more symbolic of receiving C&E, whereas receiving the Second Comforter, and actual visitation from Christ is more so what the ordinance is pointing to, and symbolic of.

      1. Perhaps I am confusing the two, Brian. The Second Anointing is something I’m not familiar with, have concluded in the void of information, that they were the same. On the other hand, I am fully aware that receiving the Second Comforter is a separate blessing – generally following the receiving of the calling and election, although I suspect that they could easily come as a result of the same experience. I actually wrote an article for MC about my feelings about this – that regardless of whether it comes to fruition, seeking it – or the process of seeking it and the resulting growth – is worth the effort, regardless of whether the search comes to fruition in this life or not.

    2. To be a little more specific:
      Scott is talking about C&E, but he seems to be describing Second Comforter (“can be received “on our knees in our living room””) and Second Anointing (“a priesthood ordinance performed by one who has that specific authority”)

      1. Not entirely true, Brian. The Elliaison group (elliaison.org) has published a small book called “The Fullness of the Gospel” in which they assert that one can receive their calling and election without a recommend for a physical ordinance performed in the temple. They point to what Jules referred to where all of the examples that we have from the scriptures received their C&E in diverse ways, but never in the temple itself, and never through a formal ordinance. They also claim that the adage “Those who have had their C&E made sure don’t talk about it, so anyone who does….” is a myth perpetuated by Satan to keep people quiet about it – to prevent people from discussing it, and to prevent people from listening to those who do.

        1. Thanks for the clarification. I suppose my main point then is just that “C&E” is different than receiving the Second Comforter and both are different than the Second Anointing (the one that is an actual Temple ordinance).

          1. Well, that sure seems to clear a few things up! So we are confusing the second anointing with have our C&E made sure! So you agree that C&E is a personal event between the person and the Lord, as is receiving the Second Comforter?

  2. Scott, I hope this isn’t taking too much away from the article, however I’m just curious to see if your observation is different from mine – of those we know of that have received their calling and election (early church history, the scriptures, etc.), how many of them went through an “official” church ceremony or ordinance under the direction of the church established at time they received it, and how many of them received the promise outside of an “official” ceremony – directly from the Holy Ghost?

    1. My observation is not different from yours, Jules. I know of no one who has received their C&E in the temple through a formal priesthood ordinance.

      1. Also, all, I’ve been considering that having one’s marriage sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise (beyond the promise of blessings, based on faithfulness, that we receive in the temple) logically must be the same as having one’s C&E made sure. For a celestial marriage to be confirmed, it necessarily implies eternity in the presence of God with eternal increase – the same (or greater) promise as eternal life. I’ve not read anything in the scriptures or in the words of the prophets that dispute any of this – either C&E or the Second Comforter or the Marriage Sealing by the Holy Spirit of Promise.

        1. Guess I’d better read some more. I didn’t detect any contradictions, but you obviously did. With the Lord’s help, I’ll figure it out.

  3. I recognize that I’m not as well versed in the scriptures as you guys are (not being defensive – it’s fine and I’m learning at my own rate), so I’m not making declarations or anything, just sharing my thoughts and understanding. I welcome any references or opinions either in support or to the contrary.

  4. I have to admit that reading this conversation is giving me a stupor of thought. Either thats the spirit or im just stupid. :)

      1. http://speeches.byu.edu/?act=viewitem&id=2026
        All i know is that the Lord put that audio speech in my path right before i read this article and the comments. I love the articles on this site because they generally inspire me to be honest with my self and root out hypocrisy and ignorance. But for some reason discussions of snuffers ideas always make me shift in my seat a bit. I am not saying they are not as much as 99% correct. But there is something in his criticism of the church leaders that offends the spirit when i read his blog or books etc. So i am saying i do not yet understand why, and i know i am not as learned as others on this site, but something seems to warn me to tread carefully in this particular article and when mulling over snuffers assertions.

        1. James, I’m the one who mentioned Denver Snuffer. He wasn’t mentioned in the article. As I mentioned above, I’ve read “The Second Comforter” twice, but that’s all of Denver’s books that I’ve read. In it, I don’t recall criticism of church leaders. I have not read his blog much, or any other books. Like you – when I start hearing criticism of church leaders, I squirm in my seat, too. This article, in my mind, was doing just the opposite – it was warning against those who offer 99% truth, but in the other 1% plant the seeds of dissent and criticism. I think it was my comments that led the discussion in a different direction.

        2. This article seems (to me) to be warning people to stay away from Denver (gleaned from a few words like “phases” and such). So, do you guys hate Snuffer or what? If not, why the veiled criticism of him?

    1. I need to know who is a mormon guru… I understand not mentioning names on a public forum, but you are welcome to email me..

      I would also like to discuss another topic like calling and election as well as second anointing..

  5. G. Michael Craig

    James, I can appreciate your feelings here. The thing that bothers me more than anything else about so many of our discussions, sacrament talks, etc., is the fact that they center on relatively unimportant doctrine. They so often focus on the organization or structure of the Gospel rather than on what it means to be truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or “born again”, as was King Lamoni and his son, as was Ammon and the sons of Mosiah, as was the Lamanites they converted, and as were the people of King Benjamin after his final discourse to them. ALL of these people were thus Celestial material, while NONE of the LDS who understand the difference between the second annointing and having our C&E made sure will be Celestial material unless and until they

  6. G. Michael Craig

    have been born again. Facebook and U Tube are full of “former mormons” who left the Church not because they longed for more insight into the differences between C&E and the 2nd Anointing, etc., but because they longed for more insight into the teachings of Christ, what it means to truly be a disciple of His, what it takes to be born again. Two of the most Christlike men I know are former LDS. One left the Church at least partially because our ward had 11 unwed teenagers inside of about 3 years. The other left because about all he ever heard from the pulpit was “I know this Church is true”, while almost never hearing “I know Christ. I have been born again”. To illustrate the futility of teaching so much about Church government, history, and the mechanics of the

  7. G. Michael Craig

    Gospel, I will say that I know many scores of priesthood leaders, men we look up to for example and knowledge, who are fully in favor of our slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the Middle East in this provably phony war on terror. They get angry at me for trying to teach them how un-Christlike is such an attitude. One even cursed me with filthy four letter words for trying to teach him the truth about 9-11-01. He is my Bishop. How is it possible for men who were supposedly called of God, who have attended Sunday School, Priesthood meetings, GC addresses, training sessions, etc., all their lives, and who know that murder is unforgivable, how is it possible for them to harbor such callous hatred and/or indifference toward their

    1. Michael, of course you are right – all you say is true. Therefore, we must continue to study, speak out, and help prepare ourselves and all those who will listen against the coming apostacy. We do that by loving those around us, not by leaving.

    2. Charles E Henderson Henderson

      War is hell,WW1.WW2.The Korea war . Vietnam war, and anything in between them . remember be aware your surroundings, and the media I could say more but I want.

  8. G. Michael Craig

    beautiful brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and be willing to exterminate them like vermin, just because they have something we want, like oil? How is it possible for them, having supposedly received the gift of discernment through the gift of the Holy Ghost, to be so easily beguiled, deceived, by the secret combination in control of our government and our news media? This applies to every member of our stake presidency over the last 10 years or so, and almost every member of the stake High Council, not to mention most of the rank and file members. The only answer I can come up with is as I have already stated. We as a Church are apparently dropping the ball when it comes to our true mission, namely to bring people to Christ, to assist our Father in Heaven

    1. Charles E Henderson Henderson

      Remember not all branch or branches like that! And tell you the truth even some Christian are like that to.

  9. This article makes a lot of good points. However, its’ main intent seems to be to discredit and disparage men like Denver Snuffer and John Pontius. In that regard, I find this article rather offensive and short-sighted.

    What I love about Snuffer and Pontius is how much they echo the message of The Book of Mormon. They are true men of God. Of this I testify. I also sustain the leaders of the LDS church as the only men holding the keys of the kingdom and who are authorized to lead the church. These are also true men of God.

    I have read most of what Snuffer and Pontius have written on doctrine. I see no conflict between them and my loyalty to the church.

    I embrace truth; even if it hurts or is disappointing. Our leaders aren’t perfect. Who cares? Move on.

    1. Jared – The authors did not mention any names. I did – and it was with the utmost respect that I brought up Denver’s name in a previous comment. No one, to my detection, has pointed any criticism at any individual. Like you, it appears to me that SOME individual(s) or occurrance(s) must have been the catalyst for this article, and I would be curious to find out, but Ezra has elected not to explain further, and I have elected not to pry any further.
      As far as the principles go – I agree, and share their concern that so many in the church appear to be satisfied in their search (or lack thereof) for truth, while others go so far out that their search leads them to criticize our leaders and other “men of God”. I, myself, am seeking the appropriate balance.

      1. Ezra – I am quite comfortable that I am not looking to a “Teacher” for revelation other than my Heavenly Father, through the Holy Ghost. I read “The Second Comforter” twice – it was a gateway for me to begin exploring. However, it was just a gateway – as I immediately began taking my quest before the Lord in prayer. I am actually in the process of writing another article about the topic of so many people being satisfied and not having a desire to seek more. I have read several things in the past year or so that have opened the door for me to seek the greatest of Heavenly Father’s blessings – namely receiving the Second Comforter…..

      2. I testify boldly that the Lord has responded to my quest, and He is leading me in the direction of eternal life, and my eternal progression has taken on greater intensity. My favorite teacher is the Holy Ghost, and He has proven quite willing to teach me….gently, patiently, personally, and lovingly.

    2. I think it takes a lot of cheek to interpret doctrine and then say anyone who disagrees is apostate. Those who follow the Light of Christ are true and faithful, proportionally. Those who do NOT follow the light of Christ commit apostasy, proportionally. Apostasy is an act of disobedience to God, not a reflection of doctrinal ideology.

      Those who are the “noble and great ones” are not gods to be worshiped. We (including them) must recognize our mistakes and stand correction if we are to be exalted. Part of what is required of us, as a church, is to recognize where we have gone wrong so we can correct it. This correction begins individually. Let’s not crucify messengers of woe by calling them apostate. We need to accept truth and stop being so defensive.

  10. G. Michael Craig

    I don’t know either. I write something, click on “post comment”, and it erases. I’ll try again later. Thanks.

  11. I think even bishops and priesthood leaders, as one commenter pointed out, can be asleep to the secret combinations, and apostasy, around them and still be inspired by the spirit to be judges in Israel. They are given their probation too, we need to keep trying to wake all members up line upon line.

  12. I do appreciate the objective article and the comments. Looks like everyone is being edified and seeking truth. Truth cuts its own way.

  13. In the article it says “Most of these false teachers do not bear the fruit of persecution by the hand of worldly powers.” This is referenced as a way to show the signs of a false prophet. But, no modern LDS general authority that I’m aware of has born the fruit of persecution by the hand of worldly powers. It is quite the opposite. The First Presidency and 12 Apostles enjoy almost a celebrity status. No persecution whatsoever. It has been this way for nearly 100 years. And, [these days] they rub elbows and intermingle with the elite and the powerful.

    Just food for thought, I guess.

    1. Charles E Henderson Henderson

      What you say make since, I discuss this with wife and a few other Facebook friends and the same had said the church in the last days will fall away in a since.but time will tell to the point, and the lord is coming to clean house. Now I know I might need scripture to explain, but not to good given it. But I wouldn’t be in there shoes? or I read so much books and what gives me a headache my wifes reads to me.

  14. Charles E Henderson Henderson

    All of good comments, the church I think is not showing of the fruit.but I see far worst that there are in the Christian it self or the tv preacher to speek of when you say to them im a Mormon that have that look! Or a cringe look about them . One time when day was alive I told him I was a Mormon, he look at me and said why did I do that!
    but back to the tv preacher they goesvas far to condemn each other or the call each other as Heritic or so they do.

  15. Charles E Henderson Henderson

    Forgive me friends on the first post I was tired.i was trying to make a point, but when reading it. All I was get out (Blah,Blah).

  16. Charles E Henderson Henderson

    Now for Denver snuff or pontus, I read a little in these guys .but they are not telling me of what I know! Im sorry but thats how I see it.some of you have respect for these guys. But for me is old story in which I have found out all ready, we have alot to say about anything we don’t approve on and this is true! We have a different opinion. And do agree. I have seen much ridicule on both side of the fence. Christian to Christian or Mormon to Mormon, its the same! You wonder why I say that after time I spend much watching Christian show a preacher will talk badly about another preacher a Mormon is no different, we as a race of faith is so cocky. For me im divided with in myself. And I will be bold the church is not what it seems , the lord will clean house.

  17. Charles E Henderson Henderson

    I came to this church because the lord has herd my prayer it wasn’t a missionary just came to my door and say we are from the church of jesus christ of latterday saints. It was a heart felt pray the called me at work .that monday because it was just the other day I want to know the church and the truth! I can make tons of excuse on this, but im not! Faith have lead me. But for now lets say about Denver snuff or pontus? I came across a man name ogden kraut, you may heard of him.i read some of his stuff the way church used to be he claim.this man was a scholar and a good one. But he was kick out but he wasn’t bitter he said and he believes in the restoration of the church. And Joseph Smith as a prophet of good. But to my eyes he was condemned or a false prophet.

  18. Charles E Henderson Henderson

    I was looking back! In the past of prophets of the old testament would we do the same by condemning them? Even we might not understand them to, No you wouldn’t either he would be a quack or a not job or a false prophet. It wouldn’t make no different for today.
    then we say well he prophecies and it didn’t happen, well could we say the same in those days of old prophet, living in there days could we say the same. It is said a prophet is never welcome in his on people. Sorry got to go I need to wash dishes,,,, bye!

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