EXCLUSIVE: Elder H. Verlan Andersen on Apostasy of the Church Members

trojan-horseThis is exclusive content from the personal files of Elder H. Verlan Andersen of the Seventy

In my opinion the Book of Mormon provides a historical warning to those nations who occupy this land.

Satan’s plan seems to be working to perfection among the Latter-day Saints today. I discover that almost without exception, the students here at the B.Y.U. believe in the 10 points of the Communist Manifesto either in whole or in part. This in spite of the fact that our modern prophets have identified communism as being diametrically opposed to everything for which the Church stands (See President McKay’s statement of the position of the Church on communism, April, 1966) and that it is Satan’s plan. (Many are Called But Few are Chosen, p. 49) Moroni warned us specifically about confusing God’s plan with Satan’s. He tells us a bitter fountain cannot bring forth good water, (Moro. 7:11) and that,

…whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do evil, and believe not in Christ…then ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of the devil; (Moro. 7:17)

He also points out in this same verse that those who subject themselves unto Satan persuade no one to do good. This fits communism exactly and the verses in between the two cited furnish a clear warning about the danger.

In my brochure entitled Many are Called But Few Are Chosen, I am attempting to bring to people’s attention the fact that the great majority of us are on Satan’s side in this battle just by asking a few questions which compare the Communist Manifesto with the Constitution. If I can get it done before I send this letter I will enclose a copy.

One of the more frightening things related in the Book of Mormon concerning the destruction of the Nephite government by the secret combinations is that Satan had such a strong hold upon men that had been high priests in the Church, that they joined in the destruction of government. Notice how angry these former high priests became at the testimony of those who mentioned their sins. (3 Ne. 6:21-30) It also mentions the lawyers and judges but I suppose that is only to be expected because it was their positions and craft that was being threatened. They put these prophets to death secretly the record says.

Nephi prophesies that Satan will stir the people up to anger against that which is good in our day. (2 Ne. 28:20) Also Moroni indicates that the blood of the saints will be shed in our day by these secret combinations. (Ether 8:22)

I am rather firmly convinced that the great deception being practiced upon LDS today largely comes from our socialized educational system. Satan’s doctrines are being boldly taught to our children and we are failing in our duty to set them straight.

I have read Moroni’s statement in Mormon, Chapter Eight wherein he states every Church has become corrupted and where he says that we Gentiles have polluted the holy church of God. (verses 36, 38) I wonder if he is speaking of our restored Church. What do you think? (Compare this with 2 Ne. 28:9-14.)

Then there is reference to a great division which will take place among the people. (2 Ne. 20:10, compare D&C 63:54) When you get these matters figured out let me know.…(Letter to Ezra Taft Benson, 4/20/1968)

Who considers it either impossible or unlikely that a person can belong to the Devil’s organization and Christ’s Church simultaneously? The Nephite scriptures provide some interesting information. No one who believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God doubts that the secret combinations described therein were built up by the devil. The record is most explicit about this fact. But notice in the days of the reign of the judges among the Nephites, that when this secret society came among them, they seduced even the more part of the righteous to join them. (Hel. 6:38)

Then in that period of time immediately preceding the terrible destruction which almost obliterated the Nephite nation, the very people who formed the secret combination which was largely instrumental in killing the prophets and bringing about this awful disaster, included, almost all the lawyers and the high priests. (3 Ne. 6:25)

If the more part of the righteous and almost all the lawyers and the high priests can be deceived, how can anyone feel safe? (Personal notes: Can one belong to the Church of the Lamb and the Church of the Devil at the same time? 1970)

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      1. I am seeing the divide and it is breaking my heart. Im starting to wonder who Im going to offend if I mention true doctrines. So sad and frankly…a bit terrifying.

        1. I am experiencing actual anger and persecution by other members of the church here in NYS. I perceive that many in wanting to be accepted by the general population or the more vocal and politically connected liberals and progressives, some saints actively silence any of us who might bring attention to us as a group. They expect those of us who are awake and informed of the secret combinations to CONFORM to the dominate secular belief system. Many do this out of fear. Some because they are beneficiaries of the subsidies awarded to those who support the implementation of micromanagement of our lives by government. The rest are ignorant of the agenda and goals and actually think they are “do-gooders” and their vanity is killing individual liberty in America. Sad.

          1. Amen to that sister.I am 47 and the youngest by about 20 years in high priest group.All the farmers an real
            estate whores are always at odds
            with me.Thats why we have to be armed to the teeth with scripture,to refute.Use a little socratic method
            of argument on them.But don’t waste time on fools.Like my friend use to say “don’t argue with a fool,someone else might not be able to tale the difference”

          2. We are in the same boat. I am always speaking out on FB, teaching people about the Constitution and Commercial Law, and how to use them to defend themselves. FB —

            Wayne Bachmann.

  1. I just attended a meeting among Utah neighbors, divided between longtime residents with rural lifestyles and recent arrivals with suburban expectations, despite the fact that they moved into a development smack in the middle or farm land. The newcomers are unhappy with the oldtimers trying to preserve the safety of livestock and horseback riders in decisions regarding access and streets. One newcomer, a woman who single handedly derailed any discussion by bellowing louder than any would be speaker, announced to all, “My children’s safety trumps your property rights!” Mao couldn’t have said it better. She fully expects the greed and corruption of developers and city government to be her enforcer in stripping others of their rights and property. All are sadly LDS.

    1. Same type of thing going on where I live. And what is disturbing is there are LDS people in city and county positions of power not doing right by the people. But they claim they are being democratic. Rrriiiiiight.

      1. Even beyond property rights (land and home), some LDS members in my branch are stifling freedom of speech and freedom of thought….at CHURCH! I seriously worry that these “saints” will be the ones to turn me in to the modern-day Hitler and Nazis rather than being of one heart and mind to preserve AGENCY. I expect that kind of arrogant persecution to come from the ungodly, but it hurts do much more when it comes form people you thought loved God and his saints and the Great Plan of Happiness that includes individual liberty. Is there a place in the USA that the saints are more united and willing to resist the adversary’s secret combinations? NYS is NOT that place. It is as near to Hell on earth as a place can get.

        1. Laurie, I had to respond since you seemed to ask an honest question: unfortunately, I believe the CULTURE and TRADITIONS of the church (very different from the Gospel and the Doctrine of Christ) seems to almost encourage conformity – which I believe is largely responsible for the types of fruits you have observed within God’s church.

          I’m not saying I live in the promised land or anything, but here in southwest South Dakota, I’m in a branch with about 20 active attendees – much less Babylonian (though the Utah transplants seem to bring some baggage) than the Utah County community we moved from last.

          Land is affordable, people are willing to live and let live, taxes and fees are low. I’m able to work from home. Not everyone’s ideal, but it’s where God told me to move

    2. Unrighteous dominion is alive an well in the church as much as in our communities. I think they got the “be your brother’s keeper” confused with being a usurper of their brother’s property rights and individual liberties! This happens when people become arrogant and prideful.

    3. I don’t know where you are, but I may be able to help. I teach Commercial Law and the Constitution, and I am on FB by my name. Wayne Bachmann

  2. Jr- Oh, they’re being democratic alright. They are not following the confines of a republic.

    Ezra- do you have a copy or link to the brochure Elder Anderson referred to? Or is the closest thing we have, the 100-page book of the same name? I remember Elder Anderson saying that he discovered that bit about BYU students’ beliefs, through a quiz he gave his students at the start of every semester. I have not been successful in finding a copy of that, either.
    Have you seen one?

    1. You know the difference between a democracy and a Republic! I am impressed. Most have no clue.

      I teach this info on FB—- Wayne Bachmann —-I am in Hyrum.

      1. I also know the difference between a democracy and a Republic. The Founding Fathers hated and feared the tyranny of democracies or tyranny of the masses. See article 4 section 4 of the constitution. The tyranny of the masses would destroy moral or free agency and cause the destruction of the Constitution.

    1. Hi, Kelly, from your erstwhile Albuquerque taxi driver. Yes, this is “great and vital stuff”, but also very disconcerting to many of us here in the LDS hinterland, where the rift is not nearly so great.

  3. I recently found this site and want to thank you for your efforts. My mind has definitely been on the correlation of what went on the BOM government and what is currently taking place today in this great land.
    I have to be honest and say just like someone who is diagnosed with cancer who thinks it will never happen to them – I never though I would such corruption in America with so many blind to it! I am sadden as well
    to see so many losing their testimony. Keep up the good work here it is greatly needed.

  4. First of all we need to be true to God and the constitution; second one time we mentioned a concern about a member who was using his business to procelitise. We were told we were being contentious they basically just wanted us to shut up. We told a member friend about some of the stuff going on out there in Utah. Something about food storage. My husband Charles made a comment on the Chinese buying up land out there. Mind you this is a member who thinks she has a strong testimony, what she said was,” You can’t trust those people out there the are all looney out there.” Like you cant trust what you guys say. Charles and I just look at each other and bit our tongues. We didn’t want to blurt out,” you mean not even prophet!”

    1. Our branch president’s wife is the most vehement in stifling any discussion of the awful dilemma we are in with secret combinations etc. it makes it impossible to unite with and educate the members of our branch to the dangers we are faced with and of devising solutions to support each other when times get even worse. She labels good organizations such as the John Birch Society with derogatory names “the Birchers” to mock them and calls good evil and evil good. I told her that she sounds just like what the enemies of the church say about the Church….that we are a bunch of kooks that no one should listen to or associate with and discredits us with lies and half truths so people won’t listen to us when we have an important message of truth to share.

  5. For the life of me, I’ll never understand how someone can simultaneously be Active LDS / Temple worthy & be a Modern Political Liberal.
    Why do people confuse the kindness of Christianity with the forced taxation/confiscation of capital which is then redistributed to the unproductive/unwilling to work?

    1. I agree and have wondered that myself. When we are asked if we associate with any group or organization that is opposed to or persecutes the Lord’s church, I think the Bishop’s should be more specific….and ask if they vote Democrat or support “sustainable development” which is a code word for UN Agenda 21 and satan’s plan to enslave or murder God’s children. Most members haven’t a clue which organizations are included in this description….and most Bishops don’t know either. Planned Parenthood would be on this list too.

      1. I agree with yu about Bishop’s delving into whether
        A LDS voting Democrat should be granted a Temple
        Recommend but I also believe that there is very little difference these days between a true liberal Democrat and a so-called moderate Republican . Let’s seek the Holy Ghost and throw away useless labels and realize that both major parties have pretty much been corrupted. A Bishop should be able to discern the communication during a Temple Recommend interview and when prompted should be directed by The Holy Ghost to ask further questions about the true attitudes of
        the member. We can’t support God and His Kingdom and at the same time favor the policies of a Communist, Socialist or Progressive political regime.

  6. Nathaniel Womble

    I would like to thank you for your efforts. It is refreshing to know and meet other Latter Day Saints who understand and try to live and expound the true doctrines.

    I live in Dunwoody, Ga., just north of Atlanta and I have been called in by my Bishop because of members complaining about my comments in class concerning the role of the gospel and God’s republic. It’s shocking and heart breaking to learn that not many members realize what Satan is doing within the church.

    I am not discouraged, though. I have started a study group on Thursday nights in hopes that those who are willing to know the truth and understand the Book of Mormon on this subject will be willing to attend. Keep me posted on what I can incorporate in these meetings. Thank you so very much.

    1. I ran for county legislature, as well as organizing a Finger Lakes Freedom Festival with amazing speakers on a variety of freedom issues (health, property rights, first amendment, Common Core, etc) and had so much opposition and/or apathy from the LDS members of my branch. Even issues like Common Core that are non-partisan brought the ire of several so that they got the branch president to barr me from being able to even have a RS enrichment group meeting in the chapel! I was not allowed to use the TV and VCR to show the DVDs of talks by President Benson on Freedom that I purchased from this site. I even had to meet with a member of our Stake Presidency to see if I was an apostate! Luckily the Stake President was a very righteous man and deadened the attack on me.

    2. I know two people, a married couple in Biloxi, MS who were excommunicated for holding a study group in their home like the one you are conducting. Ezra Taft Benson warned that socialists had taken over the Church, and are now persecuting conservative members. What better example of this can there be than Senate President Harry Reid? He is demonic in his support of homosexuality, communism, government control of our entire lives, high taxes, etc., yet he has a current temple recommend. “Beam me up Scotty, no intelligent life down here in the Church anymore”.

      1. WALTER, I’d love to have a solid reference for where ETB warned that socialists have taken over the Church. I have felt this for many years now. I find, myself, that I have to keep my mouth shut about much – because so many are socialists already.

    3. I’m very sorry about your experience when you are just saying the truth as Pres. Benson did for so many years. It is alarming that this many members have been infected with lies and modern liberalism. But this is happening everywhere. The Catholic Church is apostate with a heretical Pope and even many traditionally conservative prostentant churches are becoming dens of liberalism. We have to remain true even when others are not. Thanks.

    4. You are to be applauded for starting such a study group. Perhaps you could begin by presenting our Constitution Article by Article
      making it more interesting by assigning class participants specific
      arguments of the debates preceeding the adoption of The Constitution. Cleon Skousen, now deceased founded an organization that taught Constitutional Principles. It should be pretty beasy to find it online.

    5. Mitch van Biljon

      The one thing we should never do and that is to despair. Keep on fighting the cause. When it is right the Lord will step in and resolve this problem.

      “It is not our task to secure the triumpth of truth but merely to fight on its behalf” Blaise Pascal.

      The Lord will reward those that share truth and will take the steps to ensure victory. Men have their agency and without that agency they cannot be condemned for their false doctrine, ideology and actions.

      I suggest firstly that you read the 60 page essay by Verlan Andersen, then you read the essay by Frederic Bastiat ‘what is seen, what is not seen’. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you presentations on natural rights, the incorrect interpretation of the 16th amendment pushed by the feds.

  7. I would be interested in seeing that posted. Please email me when it does get posted. Thanks.

    I sure appreciate your website and the library. it is a comfort to know I am not crazy….or alone in my awakeness.

  8. Having a dispute about property rights vs safety isn’t a secret combination. It’s balancing conflicting needs. It’s what politics is for. Believing that government is a good thing isn’t communism. It’s civil society. There’s a reason views like the ones expressed by Verlan Anderson are dying out. And it’s not a conspiracy. It’s survival of the fittest in the marketplace of ideas.

    1. A very limited view in my opinion. It is simply wrong to balance some interests just because more people favor it. A view is simply
      good or evil in most cases. That is why dempocracies ru n by majorities never work and why our Constitution was devised to
      limit the oppression of majority rule. Mormonism would never have a chance if you took a majority vote yet a very small percentage of a total population has been able to exert a very positive influence because our Heavenly Father has lent His support.

    2. Mitch van Biljon

      Mark, that is utter baloney. There is no balancing of property rights with safety. Property rights must be secured at all cost. Security is something that should be all that we pay for. Sadly American foreign policy serves to increase insecurity. As an immigrant to this country from Africa I can assure you that our government is corrupted beyond what I have ever seen in Africa. Ask yourself if you were an Iranian if you would have a different attitude than they do considering we funded the Iraqi chemical weapon program in the Irananian/Iraqi war? Do you know why the US went to war with the Iraqi’s? It was for one reason and one reason only i.e. they sought to trade oil in non dollar currency and undermine the US currency. Our government is corrupt beyond redemption.

  9. 25 years ago, a group in our stake tried having study groups to share their viewpoints with others in the area and were threatened with their membership as well…only this group was a more “Liahona” type LDS, many were Democrat or Liberal Republican, wanting to help members who were feeling “trammeled” by the overpowering conservative worldview in our area to find an outlet, and perhaps find a way to stay in the church…

    The people who got the group shut down were those who believed the way many posting here believe; mostly “Iron Rod” LDS, Republican, Conservative, etc. Why such opposition to belief differences?

    Conservative LDS are not the only ones denied conducting extracurricular opportunities… The Church does not endorse ANYONE conducting study groups.

    1. Mitch van Biljon

      The church cannot oppose the holding of study groups in your home. The church has no right or authority over such matters. In fact everyone should openly talk about gospel doctrine and politics is gospel doctrine. Just do so in a spirit of love and compassion.

      Remember many LDS including stake presidents and bishops will come under the Lord’s condemnation for supporting satan’s doctrine even if it is out of ignorance.

  10. BYU wants to be considered a sister school with the institutions that comprise the Big 12 and Pac 12 athletic conferences. Many people do not understand that these conferences look at more than a school’s athletic program, but at the complete institution. Here we have a blatant anti=intellectual statement sounding like some bible belt tv evangelist from Bob Jones University expecting to be taken seriously by the prize winning faculty at Stanford, USC and UCLA. BYU should go completely with the mainly Church (albeit mainly Catholic) affiliated PCConference where they compete in all but football. Or go ahead and become Bob Jones University West.Pleanty Utah Mormonsare ready for a flat earth if”revelation” saaays it is.

    1. Mitch van Biljon

      I have a sister in law who worked at BYU where senior staff in her department were having affairs and the men circled the wagons to protect one another.

      She was let go because of the conflict between staff i.e. those that supported managers and those that did not.

      BYU is a den of iniquity and perversion.

      1. I am shocked at how many BYU professors attend Church at least once a month so they can keep their Temple recommends so they can keep their jobs. If they no longer believe the Church, why work at BYU?

  11. I am 66 & have for a long time preached D&C 89:4 – conspiring men in the last days when it comes to the “Word of Wisdom”- Most of the LDS are just as sick as non LDS. Plus I have long preached Ether 8th chapter in whole about secret combinations in the last days. I heard a preacher on radio several years ago stating that the Anti-Christ was going to be a son of perdition. A son of perdition is = you have to be a High Priest, recieved all of the Temple ordinances, had the “Gift of the Holy Ghost & Calling made sure” committ the unpardonable sin, fight the LDS – THAT’S HAS TO BE A LATTER-DAY SAINT = Antichrist -Who else could it be? I am witnessing what others are saying in these post’s in adult SS by the young people. SO DO THIS-STAND IN HOLY PLACES, Keep the Faith

  12. Does anyone recognize this today? Read the whole scripture in context.

    O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, ye teachers, who sell yourselves for that which will canker, why have ye polluted the holy church of God? Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? Why do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies—because of the praise of the world?

    Mormon 8:38

    Gary VH

  13. Pres. George Albert Smith had a vision about a war where the members would “die like flies” unless they repented.

    “Have they? Have WE?”

    This war is fast approaching as America and the LDS Church become weaker.

    When the cup of our iniquity is full we will be attacked and most of us will be destroyed, if not by the direct effects of nuclear war then by the famine, disease, and lawlessness that follow.

    Our only hope is to repent:

    “Wherefore, he will preserve the righteous by his power, even if it so be that the fulness of his wrath must come, and the righteous be preserved, even unto the destruction of their enemies by fire. Wherefore, the righteous need not fear; for thus saith the prophet, they shall be saved, even if it so be as by fire.”

    1 Neph 22: 17

  14. mitch van biljon

    I am an immigrant that has studied the men the founders studied and have created presentations on natural law, natural rights, the war by the federal reserve against American presidents, the total misrepresentation of the 16 amendment which does not apply to salaries and wages, the lie that governmentd can create jobs etc., etc., etc. Please email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to share documentation, presentations and essays with you that can help share the message. Nothing I have contradicts church doctrine.

  15. be still and know that I am God (D&C 101:16) Not a good idea to put forth your hand to steady the ark (2 Samuel 6:6-7)

  16. James Mikkelsen

    You quoted from The Book of Mormon,“Gentiles have polluted the holy church of God”. What do I think about this? Moroni has us cornered with his statement. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would be the only “holy church of God” that Moroni would have had in his mind as he wrote this. Yes, we Gentiles have polluted the holy church of God. All of us need to repent lest we “become as the Nephites of old.”

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