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Welcome to the Mormon Chronicle Archive!

In the spirit of the Joseph Smith Papers project, we wanted to make available scans of original documents significant to Church history: from unpublished revelations, to journal entries and correspondence. These documents are a part of our history and are important to who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. The vast majority of these items are not available anywhere else on the internet and are an online exclusive to the Mormon Chronicle.

Because of the research time and monetary resources that have been extended to make theses available, these items are made available as a special thank you only to those who contribute to support The Mormon Chronicle.

If you contribute to the Mormon Chronicle you will receive a year of full and complete access to this special “archive” of rarely seen items. The archive currently contains 33 70+ rare documents, with dozens more being added in the next few weeks, and efforts underway to include additional rare documents every month.

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