The Effect of Cultural Marxism in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The feminist and pro-gay agitators are making in-roads into the Church. This video is an introduction to the history of Social Justice Warriors and their intentions with the Church.


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14 thoughts on “The Effect of Cultural Marxism in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”

  1. Have you ever heard of Progress? Yes, that little thing that give women rights to vote, that stopped slavery and is trying to stop racism, sexism and oppressing minority groups like LGBT+. I know you might not like protecting children from sexual predators or admitting that this is a problem in your church, or the sexism and racism in it’s teachings and policies, but maybe one day when your Mormon glasses fall off, you’ll be able to see those injustices within your church and praise these people for what they gave up to fight against the injustices within the church organisation.

      1. God’s standard was that women who got raped should marry their rapists? Do you agree with that? That people should be slaves to other people and that there is nothing wrong with beating them or beating women or children for that matter. Do you agree with that? Those are the standards you want to abide by?

        1. Oh and lets not forget murdering people to get land that God wants his people to have and taking those people for slaves. You have a very loving God indeed. One I can assure you will only leave this world without peace.

          1. Exactly right. Naomi, your name means pleasantness and happiness, but you seem to be otherwise. My condolences to you.

            I certainly don’t ignore injustice, but there is a process that we go through and any bishop who hears of abuse of any kind is REQUIRED to report it to the authorities. We don’t ignore this.

  2. Satan has many guises and wishes us to hate all good. We should never hate anyone, and try our best to help, but that doesn’t mean giving up the truth. We heal through the truth. We don’t back down to falsehood. Great video.

  3. Oppressing minority groups such as the LGBT community? Since when does standing for natural law become oppressive. What is oppressive is living a life that is against the laws of nature and suppressing the guilt associated with it.

    My sister was gay and I loved her and treated her exactly as I treat my other siblings HOWEVER I never accepted her lifestyle as appropriate for my kids to be exposed to. The ad thing is the the LGBT community always see themselves as victims and wish to enforce their philosophy on others. They do not seek tolerance they seek acceptance of the lifestyle and that will never happen in this church and thank the Lord for that.

  4. The LGBT community act in contravention of natural law and the one thing you cannot change is natural law.

    I always tell my kids that if they apply a philosophy (whatever that may be) to the fullest extent possible then the outcome of that total application will tell you whether a philosophy is good or evil.

    If everyone practiced homosexuality then mankind will cease to exist. Therefore it cannot be a moral or intelligent philosophy. Transgenderism is simply a screwed up mind. Such people ought to be helped not encouraged in their sickness.

  5. This is infiltrating all religions, schools, and organizations. It’s becoming more brazen and the divide it creates is becoming more apparent and more problematic. Each general conference, I watch for it to be addressed, and it isn’t (at least not directly). I don’t understand why. Surely our leaders must be aware. Perhaps their are legitimate reasons why they can’t say anything publicly. Perhaps this is implied in the following quote by President Nelson in 2018.

    “In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”

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