Apostles on Trial- Discussion With The Author

On 8 November 2012, Faithful Saints held a Semi-regular get together at Porters Place in Lehi, UT. This is the audio of that event.  Please excuse large amount of background noise, as it could not be avoided considering the venue. Our speaker was author Drew Briney talking about his book “Apostles on Trial”.

Drew discusses the topics of his podcast, An Objective Approach to Adam-God Teachings, as well as his new book, Apostles on Trial, which can be purchased at Benchmark Books in Salt Lake City, UT or Confetti Books in Spanish Fork, UT or online at their websites.

A review of Apostles on Trial by the “Association for Mormon Letters” can be found here

You can listen to the discussion on YouTube or on our podcast, both embedded below. You can subscribe to our podcast here https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/faithful-saints–5805960

5 thoughts on “Apostles on Trial- Discussion With The Author”

  1. Excellent. Much was new to me, but the open and positive way in which it was discussed was refreshing and encouraging. Looking forward to more.

  2. That was FUN! Thanks Drew, Ezra, and Brian for putting that together. I know this was done in 2012 but does Ezra still have hard copies of Adam-God teachings?

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