Critical Race Theory Invades BYU

This video compiles the pervasive anti Christ teaching of critical race theory making its way through our culture. If we don’t understand our scriptures, we will continue to let the world infuse itself and change the teachings of the restored Gospel. We must know and understand what is going on to be able to stand up against it.

4 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory Invades BYU”

  1. Read 3 nephi ch3 v 2-8 and consider giddianhi and his letter to lachoneus.. Its basically the same demands these cultural Marxist/BLM are demanding from whore people now.. The book of Mormon is the answer to these secret combination led satanic ideologies

    1. You are absolutely correct. Hie do many members miss this on secret societies really concerns me.
      Everything happening in our world today is due to these secret societies yet our keaders sit back silently? I know the gospel is true but I also well understand God’s words thar Presudent Kimball and Benson mentioned frequently, ” the very elite will fall” which comes from bith the Bible and BOM.

  2. Why did Isaac tale Jacob and Esau to not marry Canaanites?
    Who didn’t obey and lost there blessing from the old man?

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