The Fruits of War

Can God Protect us From Nukes?: The Fruit of our Actions

The Fruits of WarThis is the second article in a series of seven.

Author’s note: The propaganda required to motivate nations to war one against another is full of lies and inspires hate. I hope that as you personally explore our situation that you will seek council from the scriptures and from the Lord directly through the Holy Ghost. The spirit of contention is not from God. As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a time and a season for war. If we get this right it will help us avoid being stained by the blood and sins of this generation.

Can God Protect us from Nukes? An In-Depth Examination of the Morality of Preemptive War

  1. The Rationale for Preemptive War
  2. The Fruit of Our Actions
  3. Logical Fallacies
  4. Is Doing Nothing a Valid Option?
  5. Modern Weapons, Modern Media & Terrorism
  6. What God has Done
  7. Will God Save Us?

Part 2 – The Fruit of Our Actions

Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. (“Political Observations” (1795-04-20); also in Letters and Other Writings of James Madison (1865), Vol. IV, p. 491)

In the previous article, The Rationale for Preemptive War, we explored the concept of an imminent threat. In 2002 the Bush administration decided that “We must adapt the concept of imminent threat to the capabilities and objectives of today’s adversaries.” The National Security Strategy of the United States, September 2002 (Referenced as NSSUS below). Previously we had held to the concept that an imminent threat required three simultaneous conditions: ability to cause death or harm, opportunity to do so, and jeopardy (visible immediate threatening action). The reason that courts have held that a reasonable man must observe these three criteria to use lethal force is that it is our best chance to avoid disproportionate and/or mistaken response. In other words it is our best mortal criteria for avoiding killing or attacking an innocent party. We also determined that the matter of “Who started it?” is vital to the morality of a cause.  (If you have not yet, please read the previous article: The Rationale for Preemptive War)

9/11/2001 was not an act of war or the contest of nations as Webster describes it in his 1828 dictionary. It was an act of terrorism. It was mass murder. We responded with acts of war to curb terrorism and exact revenge. We associated non-guilty parties with the alleged perpetrators and invaded their sovereign lands. As a nation we were in a frenzy. Our overwhelming military response has expanded abroad, and we are creating a police state here at home.  Once the events of September 11th had taken place there was no other immediate threat. We responded disproportionately. It was an act of revenge.

Let us presume it an undisputed fact that Osama Bin Laden was behind the 9/11/2001 attacks. As a nation we promptly invaded Afghanistan and took over the country, solely for the reason that the Taliban “harbored” the terrorists. Was the nation of Afghanistan preparing an imminent attack? No. They were a nation in peace. They happened to contain a very small group of people that we suspected of a very heinous mass murder. Those elements were remnants of the Mujahideen, now called Al Qeada, a group aided by the CIA to oppose the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Did we present the government of Afghanistan any conclusive evidence of the guilt of these people? For the US public at large the smoking wreck at ground zero was enough evidence. No legal case was made. The general legal process between nations to remove such criminals has traditionally been extradition and diplomacy. Our action was rushed and purely retaliatory. It was offensive war against the nation of Afghanistan. To say it is absurd that I would recommend diplomacy with the Taliban is to miss the point. They posed no imminent threat.

Who started our fight with the nation of Afghanistan? The US Government. Was the nation of Afghanistan responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Admittedly they were not. Ten years later have we left their nation in peace? No. We deposed their government and we maintain a large presence both civil and military. Most military forces are outside contractors. For all practical intents and purposes we occupy and control the country to this day. This was not a “surgical strike.” This was not a proportionate response.

Note: Don’t accuse me of arguing that the Taliban were good and righteous leaders. I make absolutely no comment on their fitness to lead their nation or their morality. It is simply undisputed that they were not bothering us. Saying that it is better now that they are gone is arrogant and completely illogical. Too many of our brothers and sisters in that nation have been killed for that to make sense.

“Behold the voice of the Lord came unto me, saying: Vengeance is mine, and I will repay” (Mormon 3:14-15)

In our next foray to apply this new rationale for war, it turns out we were simply wrong. We invaded Iraq upon the premise that they were linked to Al Qeada and were reconstituting their WMD programs. We did not find that Iraq had a WMD program and did not find credible links to Al Qeada. We were sorely mistaken. Even by our own new standards, our actions were not justified. And this is why we had previously held to better standards than those contained in the 2002 NSSUS. It was so that we would not have the blood of so many innocents on our hands. We invaded their country under incorrect pretense. The fact that Saddam was a “bad guy” in hind sight is not good enough. Invading Iraq in 2003 was offensive war. And we are still there. Have you considered how many hundreds of thousands have died there at our hands? Have you considered how many millions of lives were turned upside down? Inevitably someone will comment that most Iraqi’s are happy that we invaded because they hated Sadam. Aside from being highly speculative, it is completely irrelevant. We started it on false pretense. They posed absolutely no imminent threat.

In recent years, the US has become involved in Lybia, Egypt, Syria and other Middle-Eastern countries. We have troops on the ground actively participating in destabilizing the current governments of many of these countries. In the most blatant of “newspeak” our efforts in Lybia were termed “kinetic military action.” Regardless of our distaste for any of these regimes, none of them engaged even remotely in any action that would even satisfy the our post 9/11 definition of imminent threat justifying preemptive war. Lybia had even given up its WMD program to try to avoid our wrath.

At a minimum we can demonstrate two obvious examples of aggressive war against nations that posed no “imminent threat” even by the 2002 NSSUS standard as well as a large amount of questionable activity. The results of our actions in the Middle East have demonstrably created less stability, not more. The end result will be a broader war involving Iran and perhaps the rest of the world.

In the previous article, we discussed numerous examples of Nephite leadership restraining from engaging in vengeful response, even after being attacked. When they adhered to the principles of non-aggression they were delivered by the Lord (Alma 48:11-17). When they engaged in offensive and vengeful war the results were disastrous. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. The consequences of not following the Lord’s law of non-aggression are manifold. Among those are ultimate defeat and destruction.

And it was because the armies of the Nephites went up unto the Lamanites that they began to be smitten; for were it not for that, the Lamanites could have had no power over them. But, behold, the judgments of God will overtake the wicked; and it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished; for it is the wicked that stir up the hearts of the children of men unto bloodshed. (Mormon 4:4-5)

James Madison’s comments (quoted above) on war were amazingly astute. He indicates that war enslaves not only one’s enemy but it enslaves oneself. The tools of enslavement that he lists are armies, debts and taxes. He boldly reveals that these are the tools used by “the few” to dominate “the many”. If we are to be painfully honest with ourselves we must examine the effects of our warring upon our own nation and society.

In the wake of the events of 9/11, our legislatures granted nearly unlimited power to the executive branch. Our national debt has exploded. Many municipal and state police forces have been militarized in large measure and turned upon the American people. Increased taxes loom, and the inflation tax has stolen much of our wealth. Our financial system has been restructured to favor those deemed “too big to fail.”

There have been an alarming multitude of infringements upon our individual liberties. To name only a few: The NSA has been recording and analyzing virtually all digital communication (email and phone) in the United States for the last 10 years. The NSA facility in Bluffdale Utah will have the capacity to indefinitely store virtually every digital communication of the citizens of this country. One needs only visit an airport to witness the Department of Homeland Security wantonly and recklessly violating the bodily privacy of Americans. It happens to millions of innocents every day. We are in essence presumed guilty until we prove our innocence. The DHS is also incrementally rolling out their intrusions in shopping malls and transit stations where they can get away with it. The federal government, largely through the DHS, is propagandizing our law enforcement to believe that Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians, Christians, gun owners and returning veterans are likely terrorist threats. These are documented and admitted attacks on reason and liberty. (See footnotes.) And there are many more verifiable offenses.

But it’s ok if it keeps me safe!

Let’s put this in perspective. The wartime restrictions on liberty during World War II lasted about 5 years. Our current tyranny has become increasingly intolerable over the last 11 years with no end in sight. In reality, it is an astronomical overreaction to a threat (terrorism) that is statistically less likely to kill you than a bee sting (See footnotes). This is why the NSSUS declares “terrorism” and not a nation to be the enemy. It is omnipresent and impossible to kill.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neitherLiberty nor Safety. (Benjamin Franklin, 1775)

Franklin’s words are self-evident truth. One cannot be safe if they give up their liberty. Machinations and propaganda are required to convince an otherwise commonsensical nation that they should give up liberty to be safe and free. Orwell wrote in his famous novel 1984, that the party’s slogans were “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery.” Through obvious propaganda the state held the people in check. In 1984, the activities of the state benefited only the ruling party.

In the Book of Mormon we see numerous examples of the elite marshalling the armies and the powers of government to get power and gain. Amalickiah conspired with the lower judges of the land to set up a monarchy for this reason (Alma 46).  He gained control through murder, deceit, conspiracy, and false-flag terrorism. He maintained it by putting men on the towers to propagandize the public with lies and hate.

In the Book of Helaman and 3rd Nephi we read of the activities of the secret combinations. Their goals were to get power and gain through government. We read in Helaman 6:39 that they were successful in obtaining “sole management” of the government. And thus we see that they were in an awful state, and ripening for an everlasting destruction. (verse 40) Just as in our day, these secret combinations were supported by the mainstream.

The Gadianton Robbers from the Book of Mormon are loose among us. The King-men, and women, are running our government. And, worst of all, we are blindly electing them, or appointing them so they can continue to destroy the things we cherish most. (John Widtsoe, General Conference, April 1944)

In summary, Madison’s words were prophetic. Our actions since 9/11/2001 have enslaved numerous nations and further enslaved our own country. We have the blood of many innocents on our hands. Our actions do not meet the criteria of justifiable wars. By redefining our principles we have offended God and reason. Please prayerfully consider your support for our offensive and aggressive military actions. I fully support defending this nation after the manner of Captain Moroni. Unfortunately our actions abroad may precipitate the need for us to defend our own homes here on our own soil. If we are willing to repent God may yet deliver us.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. (Goethe)

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23 thoughts on “Can God Protect us From Nukes?: The Fruit of our Actions”

  1. Dan, you are doing an excellent job with this. I’m so on board with you. Last night, I had a discussion with my sister, and it pained me that she just doesn’t see it. She has bought the propaganda completely, suggesting that our military interventions are totally without self-interest and motivated by an altruistic concern for the welfare of our fellow men. All we can do is chip away at the facade. Thanks for your efforts to do so.

  2. I agree, they’re taking out all secular ran Arib states and letting extremist leadership in to run. It’s setting up a scary situation…..thanks again…

  3. Again, in “Project For The New American Century”, the time line for the invasion and occupation of the Middle East is laid out. Syria is next in line. Then will come Iran. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with a so-called war on terror, or the events of 9-11-01, except as a pretext. The invasion of Iraq was primarily to save the Federal Reserve Note, or Dollar as we call it, inasmuch as Saddam Hussein had begun to sell Iraqi oil for Euros, and to capture the oil fields there, by way of PERMANENT military bases in the desert where the wells are, and the largest embassy in the world, larger than the Vatican in Rome. The invasion of Afghanistan was primarily to clear the way for the long desired oil pipeline to ports on the Caspian Sea, and to convert

  4. Afghanistan into the worlds largest supplier of heroine, which our CIA imports into America and other nations by the ton, and sells it to raise money for black ops. In other words, neither our Invasion of Iraq, or of Afghanistan, or of Serbia, or of Macedonia, or of Pakistan, or of Yemen, or of any of the other 50 separate nations that we have invaded since just the end of WWII has anything whatever to do with fighting terrorism or preemptive war. It’s all about hedgemony, control, empire, establishing a Pax Americana over the rest of the world. I wish everyone would obtain a copy of “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man” by former CIA operative John Perkins. We either compromise heads of state with drugs, women, and money, or we kill them. America is exporting more

  5. terrorism than all other nations on earth put together, which is the reason our so-called “defense budget” is larger than that of all other nations put together. Murder is the foundation of our foreign policy. Ether 8 tells us that this is the hallmark of secret combinations, like the one that has gained complete control of our nation, and out military, just as happened among the Nephites in Helamans day(Helaman 6:39). We owe no allegiance whatsoever to such a government, according to D&C 134:5, not financially, militarily, or any other way, because EVERYTHING they do “cometh of evil”. (D&C 98:7)

    1. Michael,

      I am not an expert on the details of what you allege – in order to confirm or not, but it saddens me that it has the ring of truth. There are many things I read that do not, but this does. The evil is almost overwhelming.

  6. According to the scriptures, we are the 4th civilization to inhabit this continent. The first three were swept off because the people supported and became dependent on secret combinations which gained total control of the government by stealing from one segment of society and then disbursing the “spoils” amongst the rest, as Helaman explained in Helaman 6:38-39. We are doing exactly what they did, repeating their mistake while expecting a different result. There was a time when LDS were ashamed of receiving these spoils, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing, AFDC, WIC, etc. Our prophets soundly condemned them. But nowadays it is difficult to find a LDS who is not dependent on one or several of these spoils, just as is the .

    1. I do not expect different results.

      My wife and I are fortunate enough not to personally be taking money from any of these funds, but we are certainly not un-touched. And as we age (we are both within a year either side of 60) – we will certainly have a difficult decision to make. Social Security and Medicare are programs that we have paid into all our lives – why should we not received the support resulting from the programs that we have supported all these years? During my mother-in-law’s last days of alzheimer’s, the rest home would have cost us thousands of $$ per month – medicaid took everything she had and then paid for the rest home. Our children have taken food stamps and childrens’ insurance (AFDC?). We support them substantially, but it’s not enough.

    2. We would find ourselves supporting not only ourselves, but 7 additional children and 3 adults. But putting this in perspective – we’re just not committed enough. If we all pooled our incomes, we actually could do it without government support – and quite comfortably. I know there are many throughout the world who live in 3 and 4 generation families, all under one roof. We would still be living relative luxury. Hmmmmm.

  7. general population of America as a whole. Consequently, our dependence on these spoils overwhelms every other consideration about a political candidates qualifications for office. He can be a complete narcissistic reprobate, a lying murderer, but if he promises more spoils than his opponent does, we vote for him. And then, like the Nephites in Helamans day, we wonder why our government is so corrupt. This is not rocket science. While I have contacts within the CIA and various other authoritative sources, the facts I have stated here in my responses can be relatively easily verified by anyone with a computer. The Savior said “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find”. Most of us just don’t knock loud enough or seek resolutely enough.

  8. Americans have been receiving the spoils for so long now that it is unthinkable to most to even consider doing without them, even though we did quite well as a nation for about 200 years before such things were available. I wrote President Monson about this several years ago, drawing the following analogy. A businessman named John grew up in the late 1800’s. He saved 10% of his increase toward retirement. In 1925, he retired at age 65. Two weeks later, he went to the bank to withdraw some funds to pay bills with. To his horror, he discovered that someone with his same name had managed to steal everything in his savings. He was now without any source of funds. He could have gone back to work, but he decided that this would have been unfair to him, inasmuch as he had

    1. worked and saved for over 40 years. So, being well connected in the community, and having close friends in law enforcement on the state and federal level, he decided to go visit his neighbors. When they came to the door, he pulled a gun on them, telling them in no uncertain terms that they were going to start giving him $200 every month. If they refused, he would use his considerable influence to have them arrested, thrown in jail, and have their property confiscated. All 10 neighbors that he visited knew better than to refuse to cooperate with his extortion. Assuming he could get along well enough on $2000/month, he went home, lived until he was 72, and died. On judgement day he was thrust down to hell. This is Social Security. The money that most of us had witheld

      1. from our paychecks, that we were told by FDR was being placed in a special trust fund, which would collect interest over the years, and thus provide us with at least a livable income in our retirement years. It was a brilliant ruse on the American public to win their cooperation for a massive tax increase. No special trust fund was ever set up. All the money we thought we were contributing toward our retirement actually was put in the general fund, which finances the bloated salaries of federal politicians, our military adventurism overseas, and any and every vote-buying social welfare program that Congress and the president can dream up. We paid those taxes, at the barrel of a gun, to stay out of jail, but our money was stolen from us by those whom we elected to

        1. defend it. However, lately my thoughts about this matter have taken a strange turn. My analogy only rings true with a zero-sum game, i.e., only a certain set amount of money in circulation. But with the president and Congress running our money press 24/7, 365, producing tens of trillions of “dollars” to bail out the banks, the automobile companies, and our near comatose economy in general, we no longer have anything even remotely resembling a zero-sum game. In fact, what we have is a nearly dead economic engine which is being vainly stimulated with unprecedented amounts of borrowed money. So, I am being tempted to believe that since economic armageddon is right around the corner anyway, and since insane amounts of paper currency are being created out of thin air,

          1. what difference can it make if needy, retired Americans decide to accept some of this nearly worthless currency before the inevitable crash occurs? I would only admonish those who do to realize that they had better get prepared ASAP to get along without these spoils, because our economic engine is on life support.

    2. Wow, Michael – that’s a pretty dramatic turn you describe! Like you, everything I HAVE learned tells me that this economy can’t continue and that the prophecies of the govt collapsing will come true in the near future – with the catalyst being the economic collapse. I really do have a deep faith that it’s somehow going to be ok – as long as I have the love of family and my integrity. Which takes us back to social security and medicare/caid. Guess I’m going to have to figure out if I’m trading my integrity for such funds. Or, I can spend every extra dime on antibiotics, whiskey and guns.

  9. The guns will be of no benefit without plenty of ammo. Decide now on an effective hiding place for both, in case gun confiscation occurs as always happens in police states like ours. Never take an antibiotic, unless it’s a natural one like Golden Seal. Chemical antibiotics are terrorists, not discriminating between good flora and bad, killing all of them, including the bacteria that maintain control over the candida albicans fungus in our gut. Taking antibiotics allows candida to flourish inside our intestinal tract, sending roots right through our intestinal walls and into our body cavities, causing leaking gut syndrome, and eventually killing us. Whiskey is a great disinfectant, octane booster, and lantern fuel.

    1. Oh, none of that was for me – but for barter. I was on an airplane one time and the guy I was sitting next to said that those would be the most valuable commodities when the monetary system breaks down.

  10. interesting to read this discussion–

    understand what everyone is writing and agree with much of it–

    we spent 50 years working very hard and put a lot of $ into SS–

    we have never used food stamps or WIC or medicare/medicaid, etc.–

    but we lost employment right before the ideal age to collect SS–

    and had paid cash for our medical (alternative) needs–

    it was a painful decision, but we made it with much prayer (and fasting)–

    we are using the SS; we lost a lot of our retirement in the recession following 9/11–

    a wealthy M.D. in our ward is wealthy in part, because of medicaid (his patients), and he admits it–

    each man/woman robs his/her neighbor, and it’s a terrible situation, ripe for animosity–

    we also spent 35 years of married life preparing–

  11. savings and food storage is depleted rapidly during times of unemployment–

    I do know that Father in Heaven is taking care of us–

    We were really ‘proud’ of not ‘taking’–

    we have prayed that Jesus will be here before the amount we paid in (not counting inflation/interest) is gone–

    I have a hunch He will–

  12. From my own life experiences I resonate with what has been written. Thank you. I’m glad Medicare and SS were mentioned because I too contributed to those programs and have expected a return from my 37 years of payments, but I am giving up all unnecessary luxuries to prepare for a time when the $ loses it value. Now to the nuclear topic. From all that I have read, there is a huge vacancy in the discussion, that of surviving the last great war. I detect no reference to the Prophet Isaiah that the Savior commanded the people of Nephi to study and by spiritual guidance Mormon included it in his recounting of the Savior’s messages to be part of the Book of Mormon, it being recorded in 3 Nephi 23: 1-3 with verse 3 giving us a clue to understanding Isaiah.

  13. “3. And all things that he [Isaiah] spake have been [past] and shall be [future] according to the words which he spake.” Therein is a clue to what Isaiah wrote about in his book. Using the characteristic of Hebrew prophesy tells the reader that those events about which Isaiah wrote have dual time bases, one in the Prophet’s time and a second fulfillment in the “last” or “latter days.” As such The Book of Isaiah then becomes an apocalyptic prophesy of the events of the last days, of which we are a part. But there is a challenge. Isaiah’s message in the KJV was written when the Priesthood had not been restored and when Hebrew was not a living language. With all respect to William Tyndale, his 1611 translation suffers from many errors that hinder its readability.

  14. But there is good news. Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and the requirement to restore Hebrew as a living language, many of Tyndale’s expressions can be better rendered. Using the skill of recently created literary analysis and the best academic resources, Hebrew scholar Avraham Gileadi has retranslated Isaiah into modern English and provided commentary. In addition to his doctoral translation work, he took the pioneering work of his predecessor William Brownlee and expanded on it to show that Isaiah was written by one man and that Isaiah can be read not only in linear fashion but also in synchronous fashion that yields unexpected clarity to Isaiah’s 66 chapters. I can in these short paragraphs provide only a summary of the Lord’s protections.

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