America in the Prophecy of Isaiah

America in the Prophecy of Isaiah, Part 2

America in the Prophecy of IsaiahAmerica’s place as head of the nations has always been a blessing pertaining to God’s covenant with his people Israel. If God’s people would keep the terms of his covenant, they would be the head of the nations, but if they broke his covenant they would be the tail (Deuteronomy 28:1, 13, 44). When America’s founding fathers established “one nation under God,” they resumed in modern times where ancient Israel left off. Although Israel broke God’s covenant and was exiled from its land, that didn’t mean God’s covenant was annulled. It simply waited for his people dispersed among the nations to again keep its terms and to be blessed of God. America’s extraordinary success and prosperity testify of that.

Additional blessings pertaining to God’s covenant include fruitfulness of the land, economic prosperity, peace in the land, numerous offspring, abundant domestic animals, full storehouses, admiration among the nations, resources to lend to other nations, and power over enemies (Deuteronomy 28:2–12). Curses or misfortunes pertaining to God’s covenant include the land’s poor yield, economic distress, a lack of peace in the land, dwindling offspring, meager domestic animals, empty storehouses, contempt among the nations, the need to borrow from other nations, subjection to aliens, plagues, pestilence, drought, disease, foreign invasion, captivity, dispossession, and starvation (Deuteronomy 28:15–68).

With Israel’s ancient exile among the nations, a new reality presented itself. While some Israelites such as the Jews retained their ethnic integrity, others, such as the birthright tribe of Ephraim, “assimilated among the nations” (Hosea 7:8; cf. Genesis 48:19). After being exiled from their land, Israel’s northern tribes migrated north from Mesopotamia. Taking counsel together, they traveled a year and a half’s journey beyond the River Euphrates (2 Esdras 13:40– 46). That would have taken them into eastern and western Europe, dispersing Israel’s lineages in those lands. Later, European migrations brought many to America, where the founding fathers sought to renew God’s covenant with Israel.

Over many generations, people in America lived by the Ten Commandments, the terms of God’s covenant. Only in recent times have we turned away from God. In fact, the same kind of wickedness that brought disaster on ancient Israel prevails in modern America. Today we observe every kind of social disorder and moral perversion, and when we live that way we will also see its consequence. What happened to God’s people in the past will happen to us: God will bring the curses of the covenant on the nation that rejects him. Just as we have enjoyed the blessings, so we will suffer the curses. The prophecy of Isaiah warns us as individuals even when it is too late to prevent trouble as a nation.

End-time America thus forms a composite of both ancient Israel and ancient Egypt in Isaiah’s prophecy. Today’s Jews don’t fit the description of the people of Israel caught in a spiritual downturn. Nor have the Jews been the “head of the nations” in modern times. And the State of Israel in the Middle East hasn’t been the focus of hostility from a militaristic superpower from the North. Only America fits these descriptions. Likewise, when Egypt’s inhabitants choose evil, turning to idols and becoming spiritually estranged, Egypt’s economy crashes and civil war sweeps the land. When Egypt’s politicians take matters into their own hands and mislead the nation, God empowers Assyria against them.

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  1. Very nice, Avrahim. The message didn’t really sink in after the first article, but now it does. It could be very frightening, but less so because am approaching 60, so even if I die it will be ok, and also less so because of my testimony in the covenant that I am trying very hard to keep, and I know He knows that.

    Have you read the book, “The Harbinger”?

  2. It’s very encouraging to see Avraham involved in the freedom battle. Please keep these articles coming as a whisper of truth to a back-slidden people in much need of a “shot in the arm.” This is a great reminder of the reality of American’s divine destiny, should they chose to obey the commandments.

  3. God formed the Jewish nation (Israel) in order to bring forth the Christ, Gen 3:15. The entire Bible (O.T. and N.T.) deals with God’s scheme of redemption of/for man which He would accomplish through Jesus Christ.

    The book of Isaiah has nothing to do with the United States.

    1. The book of Isaiah has to do with the entire world. The gathering of true followers it describes is not an American thing no matter where that gathering occurs. It is for the followers of God from all over the world to join together into one community. If God directs us all to move to Lebanon, is that a Lebanon thing? No, it’s a God thing. The Book of Mormon indicates Elijah to return and lead us. He will probably tell us to drop pride and ego and humble ourselves and that the United States is not better or above other nations.

  4. A 2 1/2 year Bible education at Sunset International Bible Institute (Lubbock, TX), plus 37 years of personal Bible study. AND, there’s no reason to interpret it any other way. All of Scripture hangs off of Gen. 3:15: God reconciling man to Himself. Departing from that premise has resulted in the plethora of denominations and off-the-wall beliefs of today (and down through the ages).

    What sense would it make for God to hand the Jews of the Old Testament (or the Christians of the New Testament) prophecies of things that would not take place for 2000 years AND “happen” on the other side of the world?

    God formed Israel to bring forth the Christ Who was to save us from our sin. That’s the message of Scripture and it ALL either points TOWARD Jesus, or looks BACK at Him

    1. Bruce-
      Gen 3:15 is the curse upon the serpent for allowing itself to be used by satan. Help me understand how God reconciles man to himself in this short verse.

      1. Gen. 3:15 is God’s prophetic pronouncement to Satan (and us) that, while Satan would hurt Jesus (crucifixion), Jesus would [ultimately] crush Satan (His Resurrection, Second Coming).

        I strongly urge followers of this thread to look up ‘ethnocentrism’ … and understand that THAT is why you’re wanting to make these-type Scriptures apply to us today, in a literal fashion.

        Ethnocentrism is responsible for so many sects departing from Scripture and creating new “religions”.

    2. If you read the Book of Mormon, you will understand that God gave prophecy to people of something that would not happen for 2000 years and on the other side of the world because God could see the future of humanity would be all of us connected, and that His plan is for remnants of authentic scriptures from all the religions over time are to be brought together (2 Nephi 29). Apparently, when God issued these prophecies to humans thousands of years ago, He knew that global television, tele-communication satellites, and the Internet to create a global village connecting together all of humanity would exist. The prophecies are given here and there but are for all of mankind not just members of one ethnic group or religious label.

  5. An interesting fact which arises from the blessing given to Manasseh was that Jacob (Israel) stated that (he) Manasseh would become a great “PEOPLE” and shall be “GREAT”. (Gen 48:18-20).

    Jacob did not use the word “nation” in respect to Manasseh, and this was very prophetic indeed for, America is never referred to as a NATION but alwas the “People” of the United States of America. OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!- A GREAT PEOPLE!

    Many Suggestions have been offered as to the origin of AMERICA. Some historians have suggested it was derived from AMERIGO VESPUCCI (1451-1512).

    But the name of America was more divinely inspired, “America” is formed in three syllables: AM-ERI-CA.

    It will be remembered that Hosea was instructed by the Lord to give his children certain names(see Hosa Chapter 1). To The firstborn son the name JEZREEL which means “God may scatter” or “GOD may sow”. To The second, a daughter, the name LO-RUHAMA which means “Not having obtained mercy” And the third, a son, the name LO-AMMI meaning “Not my people”.

    Of Course the Names of Hoes’s children depicted the sorry state Israel would find herself in, due to her adultery with false gods and disobedience to Gods laws. They would be scattered, and in the scattering the sowing; not having Gods mercy. And being issused a bill of divorcement.

    Then in chapter 2 Hosea records the redeemed condition of Israel through the “Door of Hope” of the Lords scarifice and atonement for her transgressions. This redeemed condition is symbolised in the changed names of Hosea’s children. The prefix “lo” being dropped.

    “Say unto your brethren ammi: and to your sister Ruhamah” Hosea 2:1

    Ammi: Meaning now “My People”
    Ruhamah: Having obtained mercy.

    You will notice that the expressions are NOT MY PEOPLE and MY PEOPLE not as one would expect “MY NATION” or MY KINGDOM”. The Shortened version of the word AMMI is AM, which forms the first syllable of AM-ERI-CA.

    The centreal syllable “ERI” is pure Hebrew and means “MY WATCHERS”. Another form of ERI is URI another Hebrew word meaning “ENLIGHTENED” . The whole meaning: MY ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE or WATCHERS HAVING OBTAINED MERCY. The meaning of the word WATCHER being WATCHMEN, GUARDIANS or CUSTODIANS.

    This reference is used extensively throughout the scriptures for those entrusted with a Divine calling on behalf of the Almighty God of Israel.

    The CA in AM-ERI-CA is purely a suffix added at a later date.

    Israel’s New Name

    So we find that in the name of AM-ERI and BRIT-ISH are hidden the new names which were given to Israel ( Isaiah 45:4, 62:2 and 65:15-16). MY COVENANT PEOPLE< ENLIGHTENED< WATCHERS< HAVING OBTAINED MERCY- SONS OF ISAAC.

  6. Tony,

    I’m really sorry to say it, but your violently-stretched interpretation and analogies are ETHNOCENTRISM gone-to-seed.

    God’s focus in Scripture is NOT the USA (however you want to break down our country’s name), it’s JESUS and His tying us back to God through His sacrifice. There *is* quite a bit of reference to God’s repudiation of the Jews because of their rejection of the Messiah (Jesus) Who they were formed to bring forth, and was made clear to all in A.D. 70 with the utter destruction of Jerusalem, but that is just a side issue to man’s redemption.

    IMO, it’s “analysis” such as yours that takes our eyes off of God’s salvation of us through His Christ. (Sorry, Brother….)

  7. The prosperity America has enjoyed is not promised in Book of Mormon for America’s righteousness. The Book of Mormon indicates the white man sweeping across the continent to “scatter” the Natives – to inflict the Native American Holocaust which the Book of Mormon indicates was done in error by people following corrupted scripture and religion that was a “stumbling block” to righteous behavior. “Only in recent times have we turned away from God” is not what Book of Mormon says about America and is not born out by American history (example, racist laws in North and South against blacks, Asians, and Mexicans; theft of the Southwest from Mexico, etc.). Last two sentences of your article appear to be prophecy about America. Of course God changed place names for prophecy.

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