America in the Prophecy of Isaiah

America in the Prophecy of Isaiah, Part 1

America in the Prophecy of IsaiahFew people may suspect that the great superpower America appears in the prophecies of the Bible, especially in end-time prophecy. Yet there it is in plain sight, and just as prominent as America is in the world today. Where? In the prophecy of Isaiah under the codename of the great superpower of Isaiah’s day: Egypt. The two are a perfect match. We know they are the same because Isaiah’s prophecies have a dual fulfillment, one in his day and one in the end-time. Foretelling “the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10), Isaiah depicts both nations in a single prophecy. The Jews have traditionally taught such dual fulfillment. Only recently, however, has evidence come to light that supports the Jewish tradition.

A seven-part synchronous literary structure of the Book of Isaiah transposes events from Israel’s past into an allegory of the end-time. In other words, Isaiah foretells the end from the beginning by portraying only those events in the beginning that typify an end-time scenario. As with all nations that Isaiah describes, their end-time identity becomes clear from the way he characterizes them. As the world today is a different place than it was anciently, those characterizations are often unrelated to their past names or locations as far as an end-time scenario is concerned. What is key is the role these nations play in relation to God’s covenant people, many of whom today live dispersed among the nations of the world.

Isaiah’s Egypt, however is a superpower imploding. Its heads of state consider themselves as wise as Egypt’s founding fathers: “The ministers of Zoan are utter fools; the wisest of Pharaoh’s advisers give absurd counsel. How can you say to Pharaoh [the president], ‘We are as wise as the first rulers?’ Where are your wise men indeed? Let them please tell you, if they can discern it, what Jehovah of Hosts has in mind for Egypt! The ministers of Zoan have been foolish, the officials of Noph deluded; the heads of state have led Egypt astray. Jehovah has permeated them with a spirit of confusion; they have misled Egypt in all that it does, causing it to stagger like a drunkard into his vomit” (Isaiah 19:11–15).

In Isaiah’s day, a black, non-native Egyptian pharaoh rules Egypt. Egypt’s spiritual degradation, political ineptitude, and economic collapse lead to civil war: “I will stir up the Egyptians against the Egyptians; they will fight brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor, city against city and state against state” (Isaiah 19:2). When another world power, Assyria, becomes a threat, the Egyptians “become as women, fearful and afraid at the brandishing hand Jehovah of Hosts wields over them” (Isaiah 19:16). In the end, Assyria invades Egypt and ravishes it. Although Egypt is the greatest military power in the world, that is no guarantee of God’s protection when the nation has turned to evil.

All is not lost, however, as a community of covenanters in Egypt turns back to Israel’s God, who sends them a savior and delivers them. While Egypt as a whole suffers covenant curses for its godlessness, a righteous people within the nation become Egypt’s salvation: “Jehovah will make himself known to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians shall know Jehovah in that day. They will worship by sacrifice and offerings, and make vows to Jehovah and fulfill them. Jehovah will smite Egypt, and by smiting heal [it]: they will turn back to Jehovah, and he will respond to their pleas and heal them” (Isaiah 19:21–22). To be healed of iniquity and to know the God of Israel is to be his covenant people indeed!

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  1. Avraham Gileadi’s book “The Book of Isaiah, a new translation with interpretive keys from the Book of Mormon” was worth reading in 1988 when it was published. With this new information about chapter 19 reading it becomes not just worthwhile but imperative for all who wish to survive the coming punishments inflicted upon the United States.

    I await more information from this great scholar, especially when you reveal the evidence alluded to in this sentence: “Only recently, however, has evidence come to light that supports the Jewish tradition.”

    Isaiah 19 is marvelous news when read in this new light.

  2. This prophecy dovetails precisely with prophecies about latter-day America by Orson Pratt, John Taylor, and others. They predict the utter collapse of our government on the local, state, and federal level, hordes of hungry people pillaging and raping at will, an invasion by Chinese and probably Russian troops, but a core of resistance in the inter-mountain west which will send troops”boys from the mountains” to assist the half of our military which hasn’t yet quit fighting, and enable them to defeat the invaders. Later, a migration from the west will resettle the area around Jackson County, Missouri, and from there the Kingdom of God, composed of LDS and non-LDS, will spread throughout the nation. I am so looking forward to these events!

  3. I, too, commend Avraham Gileadi for this post, and also his book on Isaiah. I am currently reading it. One of the great points he makes right off is that Nephi tells us that Isaiah will be understood by those of us in the last days. If we don’t understand Isaiah, and if we don’t even try to understand this prophet– how are we being obedient to Jesus’ commandment in 3rd Nephi, and how can we be considered enlightened or have any idea what is required to overcome the forces of darkness in the day in which we live?

    We in the Independent American Party invited your time, talents, and wisdom in the solution. God will work through you and I. As in the days of the American Revolution, some were involved, most were not.

  4. Great article. The more I study Isaiah the more relevant it becomes. I’ve been listening to Avraham Gileadi’s analysis of Isaiah, definately worth the time. There are so many wonderful insights. thanks for publishing all this.

  5. More liekly than the iffy China/Russia maybe prophecy, is the direct Book of Mormon prophecy of Jacob as a young lion. When the collapse happens do you not think those South of the border will come in for the spoils? It seems to me they have had good practice for it already and I speak from much personal experience.

  6. I was blessed to attend a once-a-week Isaiah lecture by Dr. Gileadi during 1995 that lasted 8 months, and have been trying to grasp the immensity of Isaiah’s message ever since. At that time I felt like a kindergartener in an advanced calculus class; maybe today I have advanced to third grade? In the comments above, I am missing the Isaiah reference to a king of Assyria (also king of Babylon), yet to be positively identified although there are several candidates, who conquers the whole world and “ravishes” it. Interestingly, I cannot find the King of Assyria as an entry in Topical Guide, Index or Dictionary, and yet he will play a spectacular role in latter day events. I have just begun a Chapter and Verse comparison of Isaiah’s destructive statements and will

  7. match them with Nephi’s description of the massive destruction that took place at Christ’s crucifixion in America, that were followed 34 years later by His great and marvelous appearance to the righteous survivors. Those events resulted in perhaps history’s most blessed society from 34AD to 102AD. In Dr. Gileadi’s class were were instructed to look for patterns. “And again I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived; for Satan is abroad in the land, and he goeth forth deceiving the nations — (D&C52: 14). If those two events, one ancient, one yet future, are indeed a pattern, then is it possible that the Savior will return after the earth is cleansed of wickedness (telestial beings) by the assault of the King of Assyria? Isaiah

  8. and the Book of Mormon contain several exoduses by which the righteous were preserved. I’ll address those in a future reply.

  9. Also, America works as a modern-day Egypt in that they are both the lands in which Joseph dwells & prospers, and they are the lands to which the family of Israel turns to Joseph for salvation during famine (Egypt temporally in ancient times, and America spiritually in the latter days).

  10. Does anyone know of a prophecy about God protecting Ameria with high winds and seas so bad no one can come to the UnitedStates of America to harm America and the righteous people??

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